2D to 3D to Reality

    I’m not one to adjust to new circumstances, but I feel this topic should be addressed. 3D. Virtual Worlds have always maintained a 2D platform on average, except for specifics and we’ll get to those later. But lately, as in the last few years, virtual worlds and video games have taken a turn and […]

September 19: From coal to diamond!

   Hey everyone! I’d like to excuse my absence for the starting of school real quick. Re-starting this blog after a few months, I’d like to discuss a diamond out of coal that is to occur a few days from now, on September 19. Not sure what this date has in relation to Toontown? No […]

Game Changing MMO?

Current Status: Developing a next generation Virtual World for Kids!       Lance Priebe, better known as “rsnail” in his entrepreneur titling game “Clubpenguin”, has tweeted this simple tweet. It had the whole MMO community buzzing for the bit while it remained. It woke a lot of people up though, and here’s why. Wwe Adam […]