TTRW: Toonfest was a blast!

   Hey toons, It’s been a while since I’ve last posted. Okay, I’ll admit, quite a while. I’d like to cover what’s been going on in the Tooniverse while I’ve been absent, as some milestones have hit the TTR team lately! First things first, I’d like to say happy birthday to Toontown! The big 12 […]

All good things come to an end

On September 19, The long loved virtual world Toontown will be shut down. Robert Iger thinks it’ll be best to close Toontown, Along with Pixie Hollows and Pirates online to persue Clubpenguin, Some more. Many people are extremely upset of this decision. Mostly because the communities of Clubpenguin and Toontown Have rised against each other in a “Which Virtual […]