Round 2.0?

     Ever since 2010, rumors have drifted across the Toontown Online fan-base about a reincarnation of the MMORPG as a whole. A BIG update, what they assumed. The rumors were true, as labeled “Toontown 2.0” was in the works by Disney. The project only lasted about a year, ending in 2011 for unknown reasons. […]

2D to 3D to Reality

    I’m not one to adjust to new circumstances, but I feel this topic should be addressed. 3D. Virtual Worlds have always maintained a 2D platform on average, except for specifics and we’ll get to those later. But lately, as in the last few years, virtual worlds and video games have taken a turn and […]

CP: Extinction

As enjoyable blogs are to me, I occasionally, over the past 7 years, visit the What’s New tab on Clubpenguin.  Their recent blog post states that there will be two parties in May, and that attracted me. The main one being the Futuristic Party and the small, one room one being funny hat week. But […]

Xbox one

Here it is, The product that crushed the Xbox 720 rumor. On November 22, 2013 the long awaited new Xbox console launched, the “Xbox One”. Now, from the display you can tell the big change in design. What you’ll notice is: the controller’s Buttons are more simple than Xbox 360’s controller The Xbox home button […]

Toontown: Archive…. And TTRW

As another on-going episode series to my youtube, first one being most likely “It’s a waddleful life”, I’ll be uploading “Toontown: Archive”. I don’t know if this will spread to other games. Basically its memories of Toontown that I have on my computer. 50, 50 chance I’ll add Clubpenguin/Mech Mice into the group. Here’s the […]

Mech Mice: Beta

Yesterday I realized my absence from Mech mice and was completely oblivious that the beta was still in place. So I went on, Registered a couple of accounts and played. The game is great overall. For others it has its downfalls here and there, but they’ll eventually fix that and add more content when it […]

Toontown Rewritten: Personal Thoughts

Here is some good news for toons! The past month, Members from Toonbook, A social network for the Toontown community, have been working on a project that could save the Toontown spirit. The project is called Toontown rewritten. It’s basically a community created private server, with a well crafted motto as “By toons, For toons”. […]