‘Alast! A trendy topic that ventured through-out twitter just recently in the CP community, #SaveTheClubpenguin! If you like to involve yourself in communities, it’s best you understand this movement.

#SaveTheClubpenguin is a trending hashtag formed within the CP community. It made its debut yesterday, December 18, 2014. This ‘protest’ is special to me because it shows the voice that a community can put on. The hashtag is a plead for help in response due to Disney’s not so great contributions with Club Penguin. Let’s go back in time to set the concept, to the beginning of 2013.

Users of the Club Penguin community have been sheerly disappointed with parties that Disney has put up on the game for nearly 2 years now. Club Penguin parties tend to be quite vital to the enjoyment of CP mostly. But in 2013 things got odd; parties lost their touch. The decorations seemed to get repetitive and the parties themselves won’t even be that big; nearly covering only about 4-6 rooms. Not to mention how long the parties go for, it’s just outrageous. I will admit, I started to notice extreme boredom towards parties lately and I found the keyword as to why; repetition.

Traditional parties such as Christmas Parties have been taken place on the little island since 2005, that’s quite a long party train! Nothing could ruin such fantastic Club Penguin parties like Christmas parties right!? Hmmm. I was venturing on twitter when I saw a comparison of many rooms of the Christmas party 2011 and they were nearly identical to the 12’,13’ and now 14’. Only difference? Some color hues. This year really crossed the line, with the launching of the “Merry Walrus” party, which is to take place of the Christmas party. Only half the island is decorated, and nearly every room we have seen before. And yep, you guessed it, another ‘Limited edition buy it now’ puffle. (You would understand if you’ve witnessed the past few parties.)The whole community was disappointed as you can tell. Things like these are some of the many reasons Club Penguin hasn’t been the center of attention like it previously has been.

Club Penguin’s creativity has surely been limited the past few years and I am honestly clueless as to why. The “Weekly content” concept has been shortened to half, users no longer even get a full new catalog. Even the items in those catalogs are repetitive and quite odd, it’s not necessarily the Club Penguin I was hoping would stay. It also doesn’t help that the team has been referencing the past a lot lately, it’s like they would also like to return it as well; but it’s obvious they are being restraint from answering confrontations like these.

About 7 years ago, when Disney took over Club Penguin, the thing I remember was thinking how great it was, how awesome they’d treat the game, and they did… for a bit. I’m going to assume Disney’s idea of Club Penguin is quite of contrast of New Horizons previous idea of Club Penguin; we’re just use to the original idea, and it’s going to take a while for Disney to flush that out as the years progress.

So, what exactly do we want fixed? A normal user at this time would say ‘everything’, but let’s be specific. Larger parties with interest would be great at the moment. The new party taskbar with a list of items to unlock… that’s gotta go, let’s bring back the old ‘Free Items’ stands shall we? And finally, time to cut off some of those take overs. We get it, you made an award winning animation, no need to show it off on your smaller products. Specifically, we’d like the fun back, it’s up to the developers to answer this voice as it won’t go away this time.

Click here to read Jimbobson’s take on #SaveTheClubPenguin


Will MMO’s undergo change in 2015?

For a while I’ve seen Rocketsnail mention “2015” once or twice, saying it would be the perfect year for a new MMO. A new “Game changing” MMO. Games like Mech Mice, Club Penguin, and Wizard 101 have dominated the MMO community lately and along the line comes a new MMO that is perfectly suitable to challenge these games in popularity and features.

The concept of Rocketsnail’s thought makes sense in a way. Nearly 10 years ago, in 2005, multiple communities formed (not counting the MMO itself). The communities of Club Penguin and Toon Town (Toontown’s community formed a bit after the release) will turn 10 years old next year and that calls for a change. I’ll put it this way; 10 years in the gaming world is quite a lot. Even the #1 source in which videos of these communities are broadcasted on, Youtube, will be turning 10 years old next year.

“Well, What’s being 10 have to do with anything?” Developers lately enjoy progression; change. Here’s a swell example. In June 2013, the community of Disney’s Toon Town celebrated 10 years of the game. I participated in it, and I found it quite humorous that Disney didn’t even host the event; the fans did. About a month later, after not really acknowledging much of 10 years, Disney announced that they’ll  be closing the game. Coincidence? Probably not, just business. Though Disney’s reason was quite reasonable, change always attracts dislikes. Time limits are placed on games like these.

I was able to talk Screenhog, who was previously affiliated with the current leading Disney MMO (2007-) Club Penguin from 2005 – 2010. He stated that he really has no clue, though he does state that he’s sure one year will be just as good if not better than the next, which refers to advancement.

Now what is this “change”? Graphics, purpose, and compatibility are main attractions for the future. Graphics have undergone extreme change in games lately, although I don’t know if they’ll even get better because right now they seem quite futuristic. But that’s what users said in 2004 about graphics, so you never can really grasp what will happen next.

   Although change is near, danger could also come along. Lately, hackers have been toying with communities, especially Toontown. With Toontown’s new private server, Toontown Rewritten, many hackers from the previous Toontown migrated, In larger hacking intentions. Recently, a very popular user “Michiatric” or “Random toon” was victim to multiple hacking attempts on many of his profiles. The hackers were successful, deleting all of his popular videos and destroying his youtube accounts. Luckily he was able to get his accounts back, but the fact that the incident occured really startled the community that danger lurks.

   I was able get a mini interview from Michiatric himself as he answered some questions relating to the fate of the Toon Town community in the future.

Do you feel that events like what occured with your channel will continue to occur with other people in Toontown?

Not identical to what happened to me, since I believe that was down to my bad security. But I think they will continue to harass.

Were the hackers doing this just for giggles or is there a valid reason? Jealousy?

Something about them hating Toontown or something I think. I’m not entirely sure.

Did the incident go to the extreme at one point?

Had the police involved in everything. Yeah, it sucks pretty bad but I got mostly everything back now.

   The reason I implemented this interview is to show that with bigger and better MMO’s comes bigger and worse hacking. It’s cause and effect, the scale jumps up a notch. Should ordinary users be worried about their info? Kind of. Although you should care about your privacy primarily, the games themselves and the developers do have drills and systems against hacking. If you wish to remain in a certain MMO that is experiencing hackings, I suggest upping the security on your account(s).

   Lastly and evenly important, gameplay! I’ve documented Mech Mice and MMA (Mech Mice Academy) a variety of times on my website, but I’d like to use it as an example. During the alpha/beta stage, the concept of Mech Mice, as a turn based strategy game (identical to toontown’s concept), started out as third person view. Third person view is where you overview your character in the outer region; controlling them. Later it would then turn into first person, meaning that the user sees what the character sees; through their eyes. Stuff like this shows that MMO’s are surely turning course and getting more creative. We’ll most likely see more first person MMO’s, but to keep it old fashion I can imagine more third person as well. Are you ready for 2015?

Voice of a community

   Eight years ago I joined the MMO community not necessarily expecting much drama involving corporations. Disney broke that concept, and I don’t think it should continue. I’m not going to lie, although Disney did save Club Penguin from bankruptcy in August of 07′, Club Penguin’s community altered severely. Dating back to 2012, I’ve released a plethora of articles discussing things from rarity extinction to the future of Club Penguin. But I’ve never truly discussed the CP community and its fate, as I’ve been sensing much disappointment in the air. In this, you’ll see multiple factors relating to the actions of this community lately including a Q&A session with community veteran CW700 (This article is referring to the community, not the game itself.)

   Allow me to put it into perspective. During formation in 2006, the CP community had everything; Music videos, blogs, and fan sites. Through the 2008, it was just shortened to music videos (CPMVS) and blogs. Now, 2012 – present, the chance of fame in this community is basically blogging. Trends have shortened in the community and as a veteran I can assure you these are hints of a dying community.

   Now, some of you may not understand what I specifically mean by “community”. An MMO community isn’t basically just normal MMO users, they tend to expand the thought of the MMO by involving it widely in social media and interacting with other people while doing it. Communities like these become technically families. The users have always kept up the penguin spirit independently, so when things don’t go correctly, Disney gets nudged into involving themselves with us, with things like Field Friday and MeggTakeover. An ordinary MMO should have the capabilities to stand up alone, so when that isn’t taking place a natural plan by a company is to interact more than usual.

   Well… why is such degradation occuring? Disney isn’t necessarily comprehending the message from their community. Yes, Disney has done some good but they’ve done more sheer disappointment than sheer amazement lately. Parties to be specific have disappointed many users this year and people don’t have much hope towards CP reviving. Less room decoration has been more common starting in late 2013 and users are clueless as to why.

   I was able to get a few questions answered by a happy member of the CP Community, @CW700CP. She is a talented graphics designer, generally inspired by Club Penguin.

  • why do you think the CP community has rapidly degraded lately?

Mainly because CP is lacking enjoyable activities and the “fun” feeling for their parties. Also, that many longtime players have been growing out of the game. Most of us believe CP and Disney is making a lot of bad decisions “nonpurposely” and trying too hard to impress us, thus not giving us enough satisfaction. We mostly believe CP is being selfish in not listening.

  • Has Club Penguin given you a positive childhood?

In a way yes and no. I was always antisocial and didn’t have much friends in real life, even though I’m still okay and used to it in the present. I’ve befriended and met a lot of people across the world, and CP did introduce me to other sides of the Internet as I grew older. But the negative sides of being more antisocial and having a “no life” have thrusted upon me; though the negative aspects of meeting bullies and selfish people did help me learn from experience.

  • Would you have preferred a different MMO to be a childhood memory?

As for a different MMO, No, I’m glad CP has affected my childhood and teenage years in many ways of learning. If it wasn’t for CP I would’ve never had my truest friends and the nastiest “friends” I’ve learned to weed out.


   Now, is this downfall primarily Disney’s fault? Well, that IS the message being perceived. Club Penguin has relied on the concept of releasing weekly content for 9 years straight, rather it be updates, items, or parties. It’s just that lately, this “weekly content” hasn’t been so satisfying for the community. Click here to see a blog post by a former moderator Rocketsnail about this.

   How would such corrupt weekly content be fixed? FULLY listening to the community. I’ve noticed lately Disney HAS listened to us lately, just not at a large degree. I hope for more years of this CP family, as it will soon reach its 10 year mark and I hope to play for many more. Things tend to change, though. Whether it be graphics, moderators leaving, or unlikable updates.

    The community tends to mourn the previous Club Penguin, that the “past was better”. I can agree with this, although the past CP was great a change was BOUND to occur. When I played in 2006 It was great and as an MMO archivist I can see the perspective that the community is coming at. Disney indeed has been hinting at the “Old Club Penguin” lately, (2005 – 2008), but hasn’t necessarily done anything to enforce the idea of returning the old CP. Old is gold, right? Don’t get the wrong message from this article. Club Penguin surely has many years to come, but the community, the fanbase that had spread talents all over youtube and such sites, may or may not end soon. I’ve noticed, after returning, that this community does indeed love the game and I can see it staying as nobody clearly wants to let go. Waddle on!

Is Cog Nation possible?


   I’ll admit it, Toontown Rewritten’s progress has been tremendous. The previous hosted party, ToonFest 2014, was quite impressive. The incredible new room they implemented was quite the eye-opener, and it opened up some mindful concepts for Toontown Rewritten’s future.

   Last year, I surely didn’t expect custom rooms and items from the TTR team. Keep in mind, that was during closed alpha. Around that time, I argued against Cog Nation existing in this new private server, but open beta surely set the true capabilities and skills of this team. Now, a year later, MANY possibilities have opened up, one being of course Cog Nation. Now, some of you may not really understand the concept of this “Cog Nation”. Allow me to go into detail, and the assessments will be at the end.

   The “Cog Nation” rumor sparked up in fury around 2006. After noticing concept art from 2003 of this “Cog Nation”, users then found crates in Cashbot HQ mints titled “Cog Nation”. Cog Nation is basically the cog HQ, as supreme as Sellbot HQ, Bossbot HQ, Cashbot HQ, and Lawbot HQ combined. Cog nation would then house the Chairman, which is basically king of all cogs. The rumor sparked up extremely once again after TTR’s launch party “ToonFest”, where there was an odd, un-reachable location that everyone sighted that even had barrier codes in it meaning if you did reach it, it’ll bring you somewhere.

   To the right is the odd Mine cart entrance that caused a plethora of attention. Here’s the thing with the TTR team; they are brilliant with storyline approaches and hints. From the MMOCentral Forums to the game specifically, Easter eggs are everywhere.

   Periodically, This cave will flash a red light contiguous for about 2 minutes over 5 minute intervals, quite odd and fishy, and get this; It might even be in morse code… Crazy isn’t it? You can view a video about it here. Now, an ordinary Toontown user would be like “Ok… it’s just a cave, so what?”. If you’ve been involved in the community, Joey (TTR creator) has been hinting the chairman and many odd concept drawings related to Cog Nation in some way.

   concept-duckhunt As some may already know, the concept art group I’m specifically referring to is the one Piranha2021 (The lead graphic designer) released in a blog post a while ago. From the various blueprint theme posts they put up to the odd boss battle pictures, as you can see in the very back, many odd features are implemented in them. Users from MMOCentral forums (formerly known as ToontownCentral forums)  took the liberty of scanning these images and noticed new concepts (in the one in the far back) such as flying goons and an odd giant room with what seems like all four bosses battling toons in it.

   Knowing the Toontown community, a good rumor surely sets up a lot of hype. So, what happened you say? The Cog nation hype train got back in gear! Everyone has a lot of faith in the team and their doings, and many fantasies have become true lately with TTR’s incredible progress. It’ll be a matter of time until the team themselves want to make their own fantasies become true, because they’ve been in the original toontown and they surely know a thing or two about the whole Cog Nation concept and many other things.

   TTR, as of right now, has insane amounts of potential and they can basically do anything with this story-line they’ve got whipped up. But many of you need to think about what needs to take place precisely before Cog Nation is to be implemented into the game. The whole idea of Cog Nation is basically a big portal; you have access to all four Cog branches as one colossal building. If the plan were to go through, all four current cog HQs would need to be removed from the game. Erased from the map as well. They would then need to decided where to put this colossal structure and will need to alter all tasks relating to all cog Hqs… quite the coding hassel isn’t it?

   So here is the part that I leave you with hope! As a player of Toontown for about 8 years now, I’ve pretty much gotten down the possibilities of game changing implements (cog nation). I can say that with the impression that Toonfest has left on me, Cog nation IS possible. With a bit months work on concepts and formatting, Cog nation would be an incredible landmark in Toontown’s history. It’s quite humorous, doors are opening for us that Disney’s Toontown Online has had for 10 years, yet we’re already enforcing these opportunities with about a year under our belt. Cheers to the future!

The journey begins: Employment!

   Let’s get this out of the way; I’m young. Quite a bit young at that; but full of publicly acclaimed potential. In mid 2008 I geared up and webbed a wordpress blog that I attended to post articles in the area of MMO’s (Massively Multiplayer Online game) and computer gaming. I was 8 years old yet I somehow found my lifelong hobby; blogging. That was 6 years ago, my work has been freemium (Done freely) this whole time.

   Recently, my work has been moderated by various companies and I think it is time for me to reach out. I’d like to get into what I specialize, and then what I do specifically. I’m an archivist of multiple MMO’s. The list includes Toontown, Club Penguin, Transformice, and multiple others.

   With the knowledge that I carry of these MMO’s, I post various articles on topics that ordinary users simply cannot express enough. from rants, game reviews, to even game updates (Yes, I’m open towards blogging on an MMO website itself) my posts tend to represent the minds of average MMO players therefore it is a perfect citing tool. Honestly, I’m quite surprised that I haven’t run out of topics to type about.

   Here’s where the employment concept comes into play. Lately I’ve seen many bloggers get paid by posting simple cheat code blog posts. I’m quite the opposite; I clearly like to type. I’d like a partnership, to be exact. You pay me to post (preferably along the lines of gaming, reviews, ect.) and in return you receive quite the bargain of an article, I’ll admit myself.

Interested? contact me via Twitter for the time being by clicking here.

Blog Update #6: I met my Idol

   I get a lot of questions asking who exactly is my inspiration for gaming in general? If it wasn’t obvious enough, It’s Lance Priebe. During August of the year 06′ I joined my first MMO; Clubpenguin. Lance Priebe, better known as “Rocketsnail”, was still in control of the game during that time frame. I would visit his website quite a lot because for some reason he stuck out to me from all the other moderators.

   It wouldn’t be until November of 07′ where I would pick up web design. I found inspiration from Lance’s blogging and graphic designing capabilities; their simplicity. I guess it was a dream at that time. It was like a “Woah… I want to be him one day… I want to be Rocketsnail.” I was yet to meet him, yet I found inspiration from the thought of his work. When he quit in 2010, I was quite upset because I clearly didn’t witness his prime nor did I get to meet him.

   Since then, I’ve aimed my skill sets and career goals to be similar to my childhood idol; Lance Priebe. On October 25, 2014; I finally got to meet him. He was wearing his simple red viking helmet and he was so epic. Yes, I did meet other mods such as Happy77, Billybob, and moose, but Rsnail really struck it home for me. It was a great way to celebrate 9 years of Clubpenguin, and over 8 years of it being in my life.

Infinite or Rewritten?

(this is NOT the book; this is a sub-article for the time being)

   As an MMO player, private servers have held a strongity in my heart for a while now. But some how, in some way, disagreements and debates make their way into the private server world. In case you don’t know, A private server is a fan-made manipulated version of an MMO. In the Toontown world, private servers sparked up in 2013 in response to the closing of Disney’s Toontown online. It would be only a matter of time before the big question popped up: Which server is better?

Before we get into this debate we’ll have to explain what differences exactly that a private server may hold in contrast to another. For an MMORPG like Toontown, differences can be from difficulty to design, to even community. Game design is usually crucial to a private server as it can’t really be identical to the game it is manipulating.

Although these two servers share many similarities, even a few in contrast is crucial towards uniqueness. The game makers of both TTI and TTR clearly have different views of how the game should be remastered, and the competition is surely interesting. First we’ll visit TTR, then TTI, then a conclusion to this mess.

Let’s be reasonable, the only reason Rewritten is such a popular choice is because it was the first one to pop up; therefore it is the official one. This adds to community, the fact that Rewritten was “here first”, makes it more official. Toontown Rewritten tends, from my view, to focus on content and community. The website and its blog posts are always petite; they are very neat with their work.

Because of this, Toontown Rewritten is a laid-back, easier private server. The game makers of Rewritten have been focusing on a very complex and good storyline, but the game performance and difficulty hasn’t really been altered besides some animation differences. Don’t get me wrong, their work here has been tremendous, but I think a more altered game performance would be great.

Toontown Infinite, the big challenge. Toontown Infinite seems to answer to the fans screaming “We want a challenge!”. This private server has quite a tweaked game performance and makes it more of an obstacle for players who seek the challenges. This server is run by many of the community’s veteran celebrities such as Lefty Lemonzilla, DJYC21215, ect. So surely, if you’re a fanboy you’ll most likely join TTI (Toontown Infinite) for this reason.

TTI Isn’t really a mess around server. It is surely recommended for veteran players, because a wrong choice in a server like this is one a toon cannot afford. For this server, to sum it up, game play comes first.

In conclusion, it depends solely on your interests. If you seek quite a difficult challenge, TTI is the one for you. If you seek a laid-back, underground gameplay, TTR is the one for you. Both are great private servers, they are just difficult to compare which is better due to their extremely opposite purposes.

Blog update #5: Upcoming Documentary

As a “sequel” to my Toontown Rewritten articles that have gotten a plethora of attention, I have a project that I’ve been typing up that has been sparking up a lot of interest to those who get some peeks at it. It’ll be my biggest post yet, as that may be hard to believe. It gives a thorough backstory the the game “Toontown” itself, giving a better perspective of its origin. It’ll be up sometime next week and it’s the perfect fan-novel.

                                                   Yours truly,

(Update 10/17/14: The book will have to be delayed a bit, writing 10 years worth of journal entries on Toontown is a bit of a hassel. The book will be resumed and I’ll get it out to the public as soon as possible.)

It’s getting a little Toony

A year in the making, the day that the whole Toontown community has waited patiently to see. Toontown Rewritten (A fan-made Private server of Disney’s Toontown) will open September 19th to the public, exactly a year since Disney’s toontown’s closing, And most likely marks an end to my TTRW articles. Here’s some intel.

The TTRW staff will be hosting a party to celebrate such accomplishment called “Toon-Fest!”. Attendants of the party will recieve an awesome item or two for their toon. The team will also give to the loyal Alpha, Beta, and playtime testers who have patiently tested the game.

If that wasn’t enough, the team is opening new areas to Toontown Rewritten. Now, this isn’t fully a launch. TTRW will be in its final stage of testing, Open Beta. They just need to “squash some bugs”. It gives the whole community a chance to pitch in and help.

I can’t believe that the day has come, and it has really inspired me. I’ve never, over around 8 years, seen such a devoted community. The Toontown Community is very close, and the game closing didn’t even separate them, they went and coded their own, fan-made version of Toontown. Here’s the teams saying of this:

One year ago today, we started development on a project that would come to be known as Toontown Rewritten. Our intentions were clear: We weren’t ready to let Toontown die just yet, and neither were you. The journey to get here has been incredible, and we’ve accomplished so much with your help. After hours upon hours spent building it, it’s finally time to open the doors of Toontown for everyone all over again.

I’m aware that many parents and curious MMO users tour my posts, so I’ll get some questions out of the way for you guys, for a final time.

  • Yes, You do start over your toon. Don’t get so upset by this, as the other 150,000 registered toons also have to start over.
  • Toontown Rewritten will most likely have a run-time of 2 – 3 years.
  • I’m unsure whether TTRW will become hacker infested like Toon valley in Disney’s Toontown was, but what I can tell you is the staff members are very trustworthy and have a system to protect fellow users from hackers and other computer related threats.
  • At the start Toontown Rewritten will not have highly advanced graphics such as the ones showcased in the “Toontown 2” concepts. Ugly corny, a community favorite, has been hired to make “texture packs” for users to implement into the game.
  • Disney Employees are aware of Toontown Rewritten’s existence, so no more “Toontown is being re-created, Stop them!” funny business.
  • Stats will NOT be reset when open beta occurs, all progress that occurs during closed beta will be kept and recorded.
  • Lastly, add-ons (additions) to the game will be added on later as the game progresses. New gag attacks, Cogs, and items are included in that list.

Another thing that surprised me the most is the sheer upgrades that have been implemented into Toontown Rewritten. The EPIC flying hot air balloon in Alpha testing was one thing, they really nailed this launch. Sir Max has hired some very talented staff members. Their jobs range from creating new theme songs/tunes for the ordinary Toontown Rewritten session, to even coding new graphics. There is a lot in store for the future of Toontown Rewritten and its development, this is only the beginning. The game will only get bigger and better, resulting in an amazing experience for the general user.

What do you need to know?

   Most people don’t really know about Toontown in general, so here is a quick summary to keep you caught up. Toontown, Made by Disney, started on June 2, 2003. Toontown is a Turn Based strategy game that teaches users to choose right from wrong in certain tactical situations.

The game had a good run for 10 years, it had an abrupt ending in September 19th, 2013. Users were alerted a month before that the game will end, leaving the community devastated for the month being until closure. Multiple companies attempted to buy Toontown (Such as Schell games, as mentioned in previous posts) but none came close.

   Fed up with the rumors, the community took matters into their own hands. Users from Toonbook, (A Toontown Social network; spoof of “Facebook”) started a project to recreate Toontown in August of last year. A year of development later, in 2014, Their project will launch on the anniversary of Toontown Disney’s closing.


    Being one of the few bloggers to document and rant Toontown Rewritten’s progress since the start, I actually find Toontown Rewritten revolutionizing. It sets a good example of community contribution and dedication. The progress on the game is absolutely amazing and the developers have earned my respect for the devotion.

   I will most likely change my primary game to Toontown Rewritten after it launches. The game for me rates an excellent on my scale. I’m stoked that this day has come and hope for the best towards Toontown Rewritten and its staff.

   As my opinion, I think Toontown Rewritten, after launch, will become incredibly strategic, more than Disney’s Toontown. The community is incredibly close, and those who are aware of Toontown Rewritten are clearly veteran players of the game, which results in incredible gameplay experiences. With the mentions of the future add-ons like gags and such, the wait just intensifies. Cheers to TTRW.

Are YOU toon enough? Visit ToontownRewritten.com.

Game Review: Fantage

File:150px Fantage logo.png

Requested by: Melody from Fantageanne.wordpress.com

   As I take open requests, a Fantage fan wanted me to check out this virtual world. Let’s start off with the basics of Fantage. It is an MMORPG with many customization options, such as you can alter your appearance of your character (cartoon) from accessories to facial appearance. You have a username like most games to be identified. This game is child friendly as it has an advanced chat filtering system and its main goal is “Child Safety,made possible by a three-tiered safety system”.

   Just like most, you are given a home when you register. For show off sake, you have the ability to open that home to the public to host parties or to just let people tour the house. Although you already start with a home, premium members can update their home to their richer comfort. For the liberty of exploring, users can explore up to 19 different destinations that are implemented into the game. Downtown, Uptown, Mt. Fantage, Castle, Carnival, Beach, Forest, Wizard’s Domain, The Dock, Oasis, Fantage School, Creature Area, Pet Town, User Home, Sea Breeze, Lighthouse, Hidden Meadow, Campground (only accessible in the summer) and the new Island. For on the go experience, Fantage is available for the iPhone, making it app friendly.

   If you are a Premium member, you can buy items for your character with coins you’ve earned from mini-games within the virtual world. Being in the Premium enabled many, many possibilities. From pets to hosting parties, premium for fantage is the real deal. 1 Month membership, at its best, is 7.95$.

   You’re probably wondering, “If this is a childrens game, is there any hint of education?” There is a school in fantage which has things varying from math class to chess, language arts, and geography. Not too long ago they added “Art Smarts”, which is implemented to “test the users knowledge on famous works of art”, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, ect.

   It originated in 2007 but launched in April 2008 to fellow users. With this said, Fantage is still quite new compared to other virtual worlds. It is for ages 6 – 16, quite a unique age range if you ask me. 4 years after the games launch it mounted up to 16,000,000 registered users. If that isn’t impressive, Fantage seems to be ahead of Clubpenguin in development. in 2012 Fantage became available on the App store, about a year before Disney’s attempt with their virtual worlds. As an award, Fantage recieved the Editor’s Choice Award from the Children’s Technology Review.

If you would like to check out Fantage, Click here.