Round 2.0?

     Ever since 2010, rumors have drifted across the Toontown Online fan-base about a reincarnation of the MMORPG as a whole. A BIG update, what they assumed. The rumors were true, as labeled “Toontown 2.0” was in the works by Disney. The project only lasted about a year, ending in 2011 for unknown reasons. […]

2D to 3D to Reality

    I’m not one to adjust to new circumstances, but I feel this topic should be addressed. 3D. Virtual Worlds have always maintained a 2D platform on average, except for specifics and we’ll get to those later. But lately, as in the last few years, virtual worlds and video games have taken a turn and […]

Will MMO’s undergo change in 2015?

For a while I’ve seen Rocketsnail mention “2015” once or twice, saying it would be the perfect year for a new MMO. A new “Game changing” MMO. Games like Mech Mice, Club Penguin, and Wizard 101 have dominated the MMO community lately and along the line comes a new MMO that is perfectly suitable to […]

Advancement v2

The picture above explains, until further notice, the sites and games that i’ll be blogging about. You’re probably asking, “Twitter? Youtube?” I’ll most likely start doing “rant” articles on those sites. For deviantart, I’ll showcase my .PSD Files and free-to-use graphic freebies. The others are self explanatory, as they are Virtual worlds in their prime. […]

Toontown: Archive…. And TTRW

As another on-going episode series to my youtube, first one being most likely “It’s a waddleful life”, I’ll be uploading “Toontown: Archive”. I don’t know if this will spread to other games. Basically its memories of Toontown that I have on my computer. 50, 50 chance I’ll add Clubpenguin/Mech Mice into the group. Here’s the […]