September 19: From coal to diamond!

   Hey everyone! I’d like to excuse my absence for the starting of school real quick. Re-starting this blog after a few months, I’d like to discuss a diamond out of coal that is to occur a few days from now, on September 19. Not sure what this date has in relation to Toontown? No […]

Toontown: Prep for the Storm!

   Hey toons! Tons of news have soared into the Tooniverse the past few weeks, so I’d like to give and explain the basics of the upcoming Storm Sellbot HQ event! Now, most of you probably didn’t attend the previous operation that took place in 2010 in the original TTO (Toontown Online). Don’t sweat it, […]

TTRW: Toonfest was a blast!

   Hey toons, It’s been a while since I’ve last posted. Okay, I’ll admit, quite a while. I’d like to cover what’s been going on in the Tooniverse while I’ve been absent, as some milestones have hit the TTR team lately! First things first, I’d like to say happy birthday to Toontown! The big 12 […]

Wrench in the gears

  Over the past month(s), Toontown Rewritten, a private server that has resurrected the Toontown franchise after the original one ended back in 2013, has been the center of attention in terms of hackings and doxings lately. Let’s set the story. Although It’s great that Toontown was revived, some people don’t necessarily find it so […]

Is Cog Nation possible?

   I’ll admit it, Toontown Rewritten’s progress has been tremendous. The previous hosted party, ToonFest 2014, was quite impressive. The incredible new room they implemented was quite the eye-opener, and it opened up some mindful concepts for Toontown Rewritten’s future.    Last year, I surely didn’t expect custom rooms and items from the TTR team. […]

It’s getting a little Toony

A year in the making, the day that the whole Toontown community has waited patiently to see. Toontown Rewritten (A fan-made Private server of Disney’s Toontown) will open September 19th to the public, exactly a year since Disney’s toontown’s closing, And most likely marks an end to my TTRW articles. Here’s some intel. The TTRW […]

Toontown Rewritten: Impatience

I’ve been noticing the subliminal disrespect from “Toontown Fans” towards the TTRW staff. To me, It is very disrespectful to rush the staff’s progress with Toontown Rewritten. The staff are trying the best they can to launch TTRW successfully and the slower pace the better. My source is at their site, where they launched all […]

Toontown: Archive…. And TTRW

As another on-going episode series to my youtube, first one being most likely “It’s a waddleful life”, I’ll be uploading “Toontown: Archive”. I don’t know if this will spread to other games. Basically its memories of Toontown that I have on my computer. 50, 50 chance I’ll add Clubpenguin/Mech Mice into the group. Here’s the […]