It’s getting a little Toony

A year in the making, the day that the whole Toontown community has waited patiently to see. Toontown Rewritten (A fan-made Private server of Disney’s Toontown) will open September 19th to the public, exactly a year since Disney’s toontown’s closing, And most likely marks an end to my TTRW articles. Here’s some intel. The TTRW […]

Game Review: Fantage

Requested by: Melody from    As I take open requests, a Fantage fan wanted me to check out this virtual world. Let’s start off with the basics of Fantage. It is an MMORPG with many customization options, such as you can alter your appearance of your character (cartoon) from accessories to facial appearance. You have […]

Hyper Hippo

Not that many people are noticing the uniqueness that Hyper Hippo holds. The company, fresh out of its debut in 2012, is getting a big break. Lance priebe, better known as “Rocketsnail” is the founder of Hyper Hippo. He is also known as the creator of Club Penguin. Lance gathered some game designers to form this […]

Xbox one

Here it is, The product that crushed the Xbox 720 rumor. On November 22, 2013 the long awaited new Xbox console launched, the “Xbox One”. Now, from the display you can tell the big change in design. What you’ll notice is: the controller’s Buttons are more simple than Xbox 360’s controller The Xbox home button […]