Waddle on!

Waddle On: A Club Penguin Documentary Including interview: Screenhog and Rocketsnail 2000 – 2015      Let us waddle back in time, back to 2000. The legacy of Club Penguin started on a sunny day in July of 2000 with “Experimental Penguins”. It was a virtual chatroom developed by Rocketsnail Games as a test for […]

Advancement v2

The picture above explains, until further notice, the sites and games that i’ll be blogging about. You’re probably asking, “Twitter? Youtube?” I’ll most likely start doing “rant” articles on those sites. For deviantart, I’ll showcase my .PSD Files and free-to-use graphic freebies. The others are self explanatory, as they are Virtual worlds in their prime. […]

Clubpenguin: Conflict

There is a question that has been being asked and thought of by many people. From lovers of the Previous pirate virtual world, to the previous “Toontown”. “When will this game close”. Now here is a history lesson. Penguin chat 1 was  made in 2001. It eventually evolved all the way to penguin chat 3, […]