2D to 3D to Reality

    I’m not one to adjust to new circumstances, but I feel this topic should be addressed. 3D. Virtual Worlds have always maintained a 2D platform on average, except for specifics and we’ll get to those later. But lately, as in the last few years, virtual worlds and video games have taken a turn and […]

Waddle on!

Waddle On: A Club Penguin Documentary Including interview: Screenhog and Rocketsnail 2000 – 2015      Let us waddle back in time, back to 2000. The legacy of Club Penguin started on a sunny day in July of 2000 with “Experimental Penguins”. It was a virtual chatroom developed by Rocketsnail Games as a test for […]


‘Alast! A trendy topic that ventured through-out twitter just recently in the CP community, #SaveTheClubpenguin! If you like to involve yourself in communities, it’s best you understand this movement. #SaveTheClubpenguin is a trending hashtag formed within the CP community. It made its debut yesterday, December 18, 2014. This ‘protest’ is special to me because it […]

Will MMO’s undergo change in 2015?

For a while I’ve seen Rocketsnail mention “2015” once or twice, saying it would be the perfect year for a new MMO. A new “Game changing” MMO. Games like Mech Mice, Club Penguin, and Wizard 101 have dominated the MMO community lately and along the line comes a new MMO that is perfectly suitable to […]

Voice of a community

   Eight years ago I joined the MMO community not necessarily expecting much drama involving corporations. Disney broke that concept, and I don’t think it should continue. I’m not going to lie, although Disney did save Club Penguin from bankruptcy in August of 07′, Club Penguin’s community altered severely. Dating back to 2012, I’ve released a plethora […]


(This is a temporary article; this may be taken down if certain events take place) Is there really any competition towards Club Penguin? I’ve been a member of quite a few different virtual worlds, from Chobots to Toontown, to Transformice to even Webkinz back in the day. But none of these worlds match up to Clubpenguin, […]

Game Changing MMO?

Current Status: Developing a next generation Virtual World for Kids!       Lance Priebe, better known as “rsnail” in his entrepreneur titling game “Clubpenguin”, has tweeted this simple tweet. It had the whole MMO community buzzing for the bit while it remained. It woke a lot of people up though, and here’s why. Wwe Adam […]

Hyper Hippo

Not that many people are noticing the uniqueness that Hyper Hippo holds. The company, fresh out of its debut in 2012, is getting a big break. Lance priebe, better known as “Rocketsnail” is the founder of Hyper Hippo. He is also known as the creator of Club Penguin. Lance gathered some game designers to form this […]