Round 2.0?

  img (5).png   Ever since 2010, rumors have drifted across the Toontown Online fan-base about a reincarnation of the MMORPG as a whole. A BIG update, what they assumed. The rumors were true, as labeled “Toontown 2.0” was in the works by Disney. The project only lasted about a year, ending in 2011 for unknown reasons. Then, of course, the project was never picked back up in time before the infamous closing of the game on September 19, 2013. It looks really neat compared to present day Toontown, right? Everyone thinks the same ever since the prototypes dwindled into the community. Lately, something has changed.

   Up until this month, the community still held various mysteries like what was the old map, what else did Toontown 2.0 uphold, you know the usual. Attempting to debunk and expose our menacing wonders, Toontown user LoopyGoopyG contacted several previous Toontown developers, including leader Jesse Schell, owner of Schell Games. He contacted them about things like the short-lived Toontown 2.0 that never saw the light of day, and the incredibly intrigueing mysterious map of Toontown in 2003. Surprisingly, out of all of them, Jesse replied. With EVERYTHING. He revealed the long- awaited map (seen right) and other questions that LoopyGoopyG CdTzipWWEAItuMG.jpg-largeprovided. Obviously a big milestone for the community, the tooniverse went haywire. A few weeks go by, and LoopyGoopyG was introduced to a new unveil-ment. A playable Toontown 2.0 prototype! On May 6, 2016, Loopy uploaded this video displaying the legendary Toontown 2.0, which was astonishingly large considering the time they worked on it. With concept art still framed to buildings, to active switches and traps, I’m still left confused as to why the project was abandoned. The reason he was given access to the prototype was that they had no use for it, as Toontown isn’t thought of to have any future plans at the moment. “Why let it go to waste” was basically the mentality. This opens doors, of course, which I am here to discuss.

   Toontown Rewritten, the beloved child of Toontown! Joey and the developers over at TTR have thoroughly acknowledged Loopy’s video and even tweeted about it stating:

“Ever heard of Toontown 2.0? Our pal shows us what could have been, and what could one day be!”

   The intentions here are obvious, debut the possibility of TTRW adapting to the concept that Disney had six years ago in 2010. That’s incredible in my mind. The possible implementation of this graphic-style into TTR would really change things for the better. I must remind you that TTR isn’t known to have many corporate enemies, even Jesse Schell supports it by promoting their annual ToonFest! Basically what I’m trying to say is  many doors open with this reveal, as users aren’t exactly sure what to expect. Going back to what I’ve always said on my blog since alpha, the team has always done an incredible job with the server and even the Toontown legacy. TTR’s development team is getting into that time of year again where their updates and tweaks start piling in, so who knows, they’ll probably have a trick or two up their sleeve.

   We must also keep in mind that Toontown was cut due to its non-mobile friendly concept. Though it is a gorgeous game, business wins. Would Toontown 2.0 possibly assist in the game’s mobility? I’d say so. Looking at every espect of the prototype, Disney barely kept anything from the original Toontown, only erecting some nostalgic references in buildings. Had they gone further, I am fond of the idea that they would’ve altered the battle system to be more simple and mobile. I mean, we are talking about Disney here, they know how to remain relevant in the industry. Given my perspective, as an old-time fan of the MMORPG, I’m proud of what Toontown has become and give the input that Toontown 2.0 shouldn’t remain lost in the wind.


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