2D to 3D to Reality


    I’m not one to adjust to new circumstances, but I feel this topic should be addressed. 3D. Virtual Worlds have always maintained a 2D platform on average, except for specifics and we’ll get to those later. But lately, as in the last few years, virtual worlds and video games have taken a turn and the average dial has been leaning towards 3D. Why’s this?

   I’m going to go ahead and state that it gives an overall mobile-friendly and greater experience. Staying relevant is already hard enough in media, but keeping up with media is another ball-game. With inventions like the oculus rift, and even the fact that they are coming free with the purchase of new phones, game companies have to re-boot their developing skills. But it’s not just inventions like the VR, things that have been here the whole time are taking a huge toll in the change: apps. In the industry, it seems these little icons become more and more important in keeping the business in the long run. It allows for more play-time. Not all the time users can be on the computer, so they are eligable to play even in the car thanks to apps. So, most big name virtual worlds and companies did indeed convert to apps in 3D form. But, that was so 2013.

   Some Virtual Worlds like IMVU and Toontown Online have always been 3D, but for some reason their connections with apps get cut off and they get shut down,(and re-started). The list goes on and on from Pixie Hollow to Pirates of the Carribean Online, it’s quite the vicious cycle. The reason for this is the mobile experience. They may be too complex, too large, and down right just not a mobile game. That’s where virtual worlds like Club Penguin prevail, and even possible future candidates like Chobots. Being a thorough chat-based game, Club Penguin will be able to leave its platform and stay relevant; as it is going 3D. Though it is upsetting, games go where the money goes in most situations. Being realistic, it is nostalgia that urges the games not to turn 3D as the concept is just so different. The developer team over at their headquarters hinted a big project titled “#ProjectSuperSecret”, which involved sneak peaks including this. Suddenly, everything seems futuristic by the looks of that image, right?

   It’s really cool! I’ll admit. Being a long-time user I’m glad that a game like that can continue its journey and not fade, though it’s definitely odd to look at. Another prime example of change is Mech Mice, a game webbed by HyperHippo.ca. In the beginning, the game was a turn-based strategy game at sky view. Though with new ideas and better opportunities, the game branched out and introduced a first person shooter version. It was much better and infinitely more fun. Though like this, it shows that change is a must in the survival of games. Sometimes I have a laugh at the dramatic changes that GTA has taken in terms of graphics and overall purpose. The first ever game compared to the latest, well, they look like two opposite games. It takes adjusting from both the developers and users in terms of progression.

     In my opinion, change is bound to happen and it is best accepted than un-welcomed in situations like these. The gap between 2004 and 2012 was surely anti-3D and it shows how easy we can bring back development “trends” per say. Learning to accept the new virtual platform is the best thing to do as 3D is on the road to virtual reality. Virtal worlds and games in general are surely going to increase in interest and experience and it is for the better. Though the prices may sky-rocket, I wouldn’t mind testing the virtual reality. I’m not entirely sure about virtual reality penguins; though.


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