Club Penguin: 10 Years of Waddling!

psa10years   Hey Penguin readers, It’s been a while! Since what, the documentary? I feel I’ve basically ranted and discussed mostly everything there is to the MMO itself, but today’s a bit special! Club Penguin turns 10 years old. I figured since I’ve been discussing the game so long I’d give insight on my discovery of the game as I haven’t really talked about that… Imagine that! After that I’ll discuss what It’s come to after 10 years.

   Back to 2006 we go! I was introduced to the MMO by a friend who was also playing it at the time. He told me to access it through Miniclip, so I figured it’d be good. Keep in mind this was around August of 2006, so I was quite young. I only played for about a month till I quit and hung around on the forums for a while, this was when moderators like Hamustar were still floating around the servers, but I never really engaged much posts besides debates. I quit on and off until precisely August 14, 2007, where I decided I should consider, you know, staying. I returned as Masky8, and this is where the MaskyCP era came to part. (M A S K Y and Masky8)

   By then I started to archive various parts of the game slowly, but I really picked it up in 2012, as I collected various data in 2007 so I figured why not. The MMO has been part of my life for 9 years, and hopefully a good more. It helped me find my passion; Writing! I’ve met incredible people and have had opportunities to look back on and be proud I encountered them! From getting noticed by the man himself Rocketsnail to even getting to know various users and their stories, trust me, you know you experienced a game to the full extent when you’ve blogged about every possible topic on it.

 I’ve learned from Club Penguin that dreams are valid and friendships are valuable. Club Penguin remains as a huge evidence to a close family like community, happy as ever. It’s been ten years and Club Penguin still stands, and there is no doubt by the looks of it that the game might just tear down a couple more years. So here’s to ten to even fifteen years of memories, memories that we’ll carry into our adulthood though it may be in the shape of a virtual penguin sprite. Memories that we’ll perish, and memories that’ll keep waddling with us. I’d like to thank everyone who gave me an incredible 9 years of this community from the bottom of my heart, also to the ones who paved the path to the games success and to those who are still doing so. Club Penguin has been my childhood and I could never let it go.

Happy 10th birthday, Club Penguin.


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