Toontown: Prep for the Storm!

   Hey toons! Tons of news have soared into the Tooniverse the past few weeks, so I’d like to give and explain the basics of the upcoming Storm Sellbot HQ event! Now, most of you probably didn’t attend the previous operation that took place in 2010 in the original TTO (Toontown Online). Don’t sweat it, as I’m here to clear the space of questions that you’ll most likely have as the days pull closer to the storm! First I’ll start with how the original operation started and how the game play and the overall experience was. We can try to use this to get a hint of how the gameplay of the operation redo in TTR (Toontown Rewritten) may be, though I can’t promise because Joey and the team are un-predictable, and that’s not always a bad thing!

   A good number of days before the original operation in TTO, doodles from the Daisy’s Garden pet shop escaped and managed to find and chew the cables to the Sellbot towers. The culprit of this is Sparky, a locally known orange doodle from the pet shop. The cables disabled the entrances to the towers and allowed basically every toon to enter the Sellbot lobby. Not only did it change the entrance of the towers, but it took an effect on the Vice President himself, as he no longer had the ability to create higher cogs and must create levels 1 to 5, and his attacks damaged less to top it off!

   Now… what’s going to happen? Let’s clear this up for the ponderer’s out there. As said before, anyone can enter the VP lobby doors, and I mean 15+ laff for this event. Anyone who hasn’t done their factories to achieve their cog suits will receive a rental cog suit for the time being. It’s basically a patched up version of the cold caller suit, not much different, you can still VP! When you form your boarding group and enter the actual battle, it’ll be a bit different, you’ll be able to spot it. You’re probably wondering why in the world would 15 laffers be allowed to battle the VP. It’s simple! Cog levels will be lowered drastically, ranging around 1 to 5. After the light work of both battle rounds, It’s time for your pie round soldier! You’ll notice after the first stun that the VP tends to get knocked back two times more than he would normally be in a normal boss battle. His attacks are also lowered, but I suggest 15+ laffers pursue with caution as it’s best to stay alive and not go green.

Prizes? Moderator attendance? Explain! Back in 2010, the event attendees were accompanied by Resistance Rangers (Not Toon Troopers!!). The rangers were basically a combat and tactical version of the ordinary Toon Troopers. They infiltrated the Sellbot towers constantly throughout the events, helping low toons conquer the VP. The rangers came with tactical strategies, as well with quite the handful of CFO unites aswell! Prize-wise, for the toons, was quite neat! The rangers were known for not only the neat green icon above their head, but their neat army-like costumes aswell. After around 10 VP runs, with rental suits to assist, toons would eventully earn the shorts, and then the shirt after another 10 more VP runs. Though it seems easy, the suits were quite valuable and rare in TTO! Now, I’m not sure if this will be the same prize tomorrow, or even if there would be a prize. Click here for a visual of the prize from 2010.

Enough of the run-down, what are the reviews? Well, they vary quite frankly. Most users enjoyed the event quite much, especially the lower laff toons, as it was quite the experience to battle the Vice President before the factory task at hand. Though, through my knowledge, some toons noted quite the disaster. As from what I saw, It was a hassle as lower toons didn’t know much tactics or strategies while in battle, which caused them to self-green. Some noted that the event could of underwent some more time to develop, as it wasn’t exactly the best. Don’t get me wrong, the idea and concept of the event was glorious, it just wasn’t executed as expected hence the hype. Hopefully this 2.0 operation will be much more improved and not just a copy, as I aswell as you are looking forward to it, and it’s tomorrow! Hopefully this post cleared atleast some questions you had on the event, but if you still have it unanswered, I suggest checking the TTR Youtube channel aswell as the official website.


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