TTRW: Toonfest was a blast!

   Hey toons, It’s been a while since I’ve last posted. Okay, I’ll admit, quite a while. I’d like to cover what’s been going on in the Tooniverse while I’ve been absent, as some milestones have hit the TTR team lately! First things first, I’d like to say happy birthday to Toontown! The big 12 is surely a toontastic accomplishment. Though don’t assume wrong, The TTR team has still been working hard or in better terms extremely hard for their private server to succeed. Turning twelve years old isn’t necessarily the only milestone Toontown has had in this past year. By this I mean there is a better one, Toontown finally had it’s own panel at a convention! We haven’t seen a Toonfest since what, 2007? On June 11th, 2015, the tooniverse landed in Owensburg, Kentucky straight into OMG!Con, where they had their own Q&A panel and various sneak peaks towards Toontown’s future plans. The Toontown panel itself clocked in about 200 seating, and the convention as a whole had about 2,000. The glory of this is the reactions they get! The various moderators, or rangers, at the panel include people such as Shockley, Sir Max, Fat Mcstink and more! Multiple giveaways were included and even a Pie-Sir- Max-in-the-face contest was upheld. I definitely suggest giving it a watch!

You thought that was it? Pshhh, nope! At the convention itself, the team debuted not only Toontown’s first fan-made Toonfest, they also debuted a new and improved advertisement for Toontown Rewritten! It pays tribute to the classic TTC zoom-in during the previous ad circa. 2006. It of course shows some incredible new features that’ll hit Toontown within this year that’ll blow the roof off the place. From Lawbot Field Offices to even the old alpha events such as doomsday, the concepts and gameplay are there. The ad is titled “Doing things differently”, and within time it’ll be circulating around Youtube videos as an ad, which will surely help the games popularity in the long run. I’m satisfied on how they pulled the ad off. If you’d like to see the advertisement alone and without the panel, click here.

After the advertisement, Joey debuted a neat video which is a remake of Toontown’s 2010 “How to storm the Sellbot HQ”, though in a much more present day fashion. Though it’s not just for giggles, It’s for an all out event next month! The video shows the various steps needed to obtain your Sellbot cog suit all the way to fighting the actual VP itself, though it gives quite a boost to add on to the experience. From simple factories to the boss itself, toons like Jaymo (Jesse schell’s toon) assist on the cog spree! It’s the return of OSSBHQ (Operation Storm Sellbot HQ) from 2010, but I’m sure with all of this time they’ll make the experience much more fun for the newcomers who didn’t witness the first one, which occured in TTO and not TTR. During the video, It shows how the toons could use some extra help fighting the VP, thus debuting the rental suit! The rental suit allows any toon of any laff to fight the Vice President, as of course the cog levels will be lowered from 1  – 8 instead of 1 – 12… Phew! A couple of friends and I will be there to assist the rental suits! One of them is pictured in the header image of this post, Storm Fang! Click here for the preview, the music is just outstanding if I say so myself!

As the last video the display, though it didn’t close the panel as quite the Q&A was hosted, Jesse Schell, the creator, well, original creator of Toontown had a short 10 minute Q&A session of his own answering some of the most long awaited questions and even rumors that he gladly answers. The questions vary from the evolution of Toontown, the cogs, and even if his project of returning TTO (Toontown Online) is still in effect. Want to find out? Why, you’ll have to watch it! Click here.

 Update:  That’s about it for now! I’ve lately returned to Toontown on my toon titled Nitro, which I’ve used for my various Toontown videos from the past. I have a couple rants in mind but also keep in mind I’ve really out-done myself with Toontown topics here. My future in Toontown isn’t necessarily clear but I will probably start uploading youtube videos once more with Nitro with his maxing series. I’ve done multiple gag sets, time for suits! Anyway, hope you enjoyed the post and hopefully I encouraged you to check out the various links I’ve plastered on here to keep in touch in the Tooniverse.

Stay tooned!



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