MMO in the works



   Last December my career was set in gear as I joined DreamSpace Interactive to work on an upcoming MMO. It’s still in the works, though I’d like to go ahead and feature it on my blog.

   The project started not to long ago, and we’re being sure that we’re unique from the others. The primary concept of this MMO is to have dreams in your favor, with social interaction and customization soaring without limitation. Players can explore the dream fulfilled world of InDream and meet friends along the way, making the experience double the excitement! The staff are making sure that the suggestions of players are valued, and eventually implemented into the game. Safety is a main priority as well, the team has worked on the system to promise the up-most safety; We offer an advanced interaction system to block malicious attacks against all players.

   What will I be doing? Blogging of course! I hitched onto the team as the official blogger of the website, from posting updates to posting events you’ll see me and other few bloggers keep up with the users. Though I’ll be going under a different name, I’m sure you’ll be able to spot me out. Along with the blog, communication with the users is vital. From social networks to even commenting on the blog itself, we’ll make sure your voice is heard.

   Now most of you may be wondering are they hiring?! Why of course! We are currently offering job opportunities ranging from departments. The three departments are Programming, Design, and Player Safety. Think you have what it takes? Click here to submit an application.

   The first step is beta testing. As the first stage of InDream, beta testing is the ability to test out the game play and report the bugs as well as glitches you find along your journey for us to fix! During this stage we make sure the voice of the community is at its most importance, as this is the kickstart of the game. Do you have an idea to make the game even more interesting, maybe a plot twist of some sorts? Suggest it to us, as we make sure every single user’s voice is considered and possibly implemented into the game. And yes, for you MMO old timers, there might just be a beta item.

   So, what should I expect while joining after launch? In most eyes, a perfect world! After launch the features of InDream will be much more expanded, and I can imagine it might just be even more addicting. Words can’t necessarily articulate how unique this world will be, but I’m sure by launch the difference will be quite evident.

   Now I’m aware that membership plays a roll in virtual worlds like these. Well, it actually plays a major roll. Memberships for InDream range from 5$ to 25$, depending on months. Along with receiving membership, players will obtain certain amount of gems depending on the amount of months. Gems will allow you to get premium items that are set quite different from the ordinary items, giving fashion quite the name. Enough of the chit chat, Time to explore the website! Click here to tour the website.


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