Wrench in the gears



Over the past month(s), Toontown Rewritten, a private server that has resurrected the Toontown franchise after the original one ended back in 2013, has been the center of attention in terms of hackings and doxings lately. Let’s set the story. Although It’s great that Toontown was revived, some people don’t necessarily find it so great and wish it stay buried. One of them is Lefty Lemonzilla, who as a veteran member of Toontown, is on a mission to re-bury it. Let’s get into detail.

Lefty has always been a loved youtuber of the Toontown franchise for years, though near the end of Toontown and the start of Toontown Rewritten, his views, as well as other’s, changed towards the game. So here is what’s going on. Over the past month, Lefty has caused multiple downtimes in the MMO as well as targeted many users and deleted their accounts in proof that Toontown Rewritten’s security system isn’t as good as they say it is. You can see his channel here, with the multiple attacks that were recorded himself. Now, let’s not hate on Lefty. If you were bored and had the same views as Lefty, you’d obviously do the same thing.

See, I personally love Toontown Rewritten. I just wish it wasn’t attacked so much, but then again that just calls for a weak system that they have. It amazes me though that Joey, the creator of this server, has remained silent on the blog about all the events that have occured. Well if you’re one of those people asking that, here’s your answer, best worded by DJYC21215 (Toontown Beta tester 2003) If you owned a server played by kids and teenagers and you had some hackers disrupting the performance, you wouldn’t alert the normal users on the website and cause quite a lot of chaos would you? Joey, being the leader, has to keep the atmosphere calm while him and the staff attempt to defuse the situation, although knowing Lefty, it’ll take a lot.

A staff member addressed the situation quite descriptively. JJKoletar (Who was informed by Lefty himself when and how lefty would be deleting the toons before the actions were done) posted this long article on Reddit arguing that TTR is still indeed safe. You can read it here. After the closings of TTI (Toontown Infinite) and TTH (Toontown House), which were both closed by lefty, it was just right for the last remaining server to speak out a bit.

Toontown is an easy target because it doesn’t necessarily defend against things like DDOS attacks, which have occured a lot lately. These attacks were quite noticeable, as the severe downtime in Toontown caused countless uproar on Toonbook (A Toontown social network) to the point to where such downtime seemed… normal. Toontown Rewritten is big for a private server, 345,000 of a population is remarkable considering it’s the first private server of this game in history. Safety in a situation like this should always be a number one priority.

My take on it? Not necessary, but it calls for a bullet to dodge and battle scars. I’ve always been a fan of Lefty so I’ll never talk down about him cause he inspired my Toontown based youtube videos. If Toontown Rewritten is the best private server like they say it is, it should certainly survive such cyber war like the one that is occuring right now. I’ve always wanted to see a good future for Toontown Rewritten, I’d like to think that the server itself will run for a good 2 or 3 more years, but at the moment that vision is hazy. Hopefully things get resolved, guess we have to stay tooned.


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