‘Alast! A trendy topic that ventured through-out twitter just recently in the CP community, #SaveTheClubpenguin! If you like to involve yourself in communities, it’s best you understand this movement.

#SaveTheClubpenguin is a trending hashtag formed within the CP community. It made its debut yesterday, December 18, 2014. This ‘protest’ is special to me because it shows the voice that a community can put on. The hashtag is a plead for help in response due to Disney’s not so great contributions with Club Penguin. Let’s go back in time to set the concept, to the beginning of 2013.

Users of the Club Penguin community have been sheerly disappointed with parties that Disney has put up on the game for nearly 2 years now. Club Penguin parties tend to be quite vital to the enjoyment of CP mostly. But in 2013 things got odd; parties lost their touch. The decorations seemed to get repetitive and the parties themselves won’t even be that big; nearly covering only about 4-6 rooms. Not to mention how long the parties go for, it’s just outrageous. I will admit, I started to notice extreme boredom towards parties lately and I found the keyword as to why; repetition.

Traditional parties such as Christmas Parties have been taken place on the little island since 2005, that’s quite a long party train! Nothing could ruin such fantastic Club Penguin parties like Christmas parties right!? Hmmm. I was venturing on twitter when I saw a comparison of many rooms of the Christmas party 2011 and they were nearly identical to the 12’,13’ and now 14’. Only difference? Some color hues. This year really crossed the line, with the launching of the “Merry Walrus” party, which is to take place of the Christmas party. Only half the island is decorated, and nearly every room we have seen before. And yep, you guessed it, another ‘Limited edition buy it now’ puffle. (You would understand if you’ve witnessed the past few parties.)The whole community was disappointed as you can tell. Things like these are some of the many reasons Club Penguin hasn’t been the center of attention like it previously has been.

Club Penguin’s creativity has surely been limited the past few years and I am honestly clueless as to why. The “Weekly content” concept has been shortened to half, users no longer even get a full new catalog. Even the items in those catalogs are repetitive and quite odd, it’s not necessarily the Club Penguin I was hoping would stay. It also doesn’t help that the team has been referencing the past a lot lately, it’s like they would also like to return it as well; but it’s obvious they are being restraint from answering confrontations like these.

About 7 years ago, when Disney took over Club Penguin, the thing I remember was thinking how great it was, how awesome they’d treat the game, and they did… for a bit. I’m going to assume Disney’s idea of Club Penguin is quite of contrast of New Horizons previous idea of Club Penguin; we’re just use to the original idea, and it’s going to take a while for Disney to flush that out as the years progress.

So, what exactly do we want fixed? A normal user at this time would say ‘everything’, but let’s be specific. Larger parties with interest would be great at the moment. The new party taskbar with a list of items to unlock… that’s gotta go, let’s bring back the old ‘Free Items’ stands shall we? And finally, time to cut off some of those take overs. We get it, you made an award winning animation, no need to show it off on your smaller products. Specifically, we’d like the fun back, it’s up to the developers to answer this voice as it won’t go away this time.

Click here to read Jimbobson’s take on #SaveTheClubPenguin


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