Will MMO’s undergo change in 2015?

For a while I’ve seen Rocketsnail mention “2015” once or twice, saying it would be the perfect year for a new MMO. A new “Game changing” MMO. Games like Mech Mice, Club Penguin, and Wizard 101 have dominated the MMO community lately and along the line comes a new MMO that is perfectly suitable to challenge these games in popularity and features.

The concept of Rocketsnail’s thought makes sense in a way. Nearly 10 years ago, in 2005, multiple communities formed (not counting the MMO itself). The communities of Club Penguin and Toon Town (Toontown’s community formed a bit after the release) will turn 10 years old next year and that calls for a change. I’ll put it this way; 10 years in the gaming world is quite a lot. Even the #1 source in which videos of these communities are broadcasted on, Youtube, will be turning 10 years old next year.

“Well, What’s being 10 have to do with anything?” Developers lately enjoy progression; change. Here’s a swell example. In June 2013, the community of Disney’s Toon Town celebrated 10 years of the game. I participated in it, and I found it quite humorous that Disney didn’t even host the event; the fans did. About a month later, after not really acknowledging much of 10 years, Disney announced that they’ll  be closing the game. Coincidence? Probably not, just business. Though Disney’s reason was quite reasonable, change always attracts dislikes. Time limits are placed on games like these.

I was able to talk Screenhog, who was previously affiliated with the current leading Disney MMO (2007-) Club Penguin from 2005 – 2010. He stated that he really has no clue, though he does state that he’s sure one year will be just as good if not better than the next, which refers to advancement.

Now what is this “change”? Graphics, purpose, and compatibility are main attractions for the future. Graphics have undergone extreme change in games lately, although I don’t know if they’ll even get better because right now they seem quite futuristic. But that’s what users said in 2004 about graphics, so you never can really grasp what will happen next.

   Although change is near, danger could also come along. Lately, hackers have been toying with communities, especially Toontown. With Toontown’s new private server, Toontown Rewritten, many hackers from the previous Toontown migrated, In larger hacking intentions. Recently, a very popular user “Michiatric” or “Random toon” was victim to multiple hacking attempts on many of his profiles. The hackers were successful, deleting all of his popular videos and destroying his youtube accounts. Luckily he was able to get his accounts back, but the fact that the incident occured really startled the community that danger lurks.

   I was able get a mini interview from Michiatric himself as he answered some questions relating to the fate of the Toon Town community in the future.

Do you feel that events like what occured with your channel will continue to occur with other people in Toontown?

Not identical to what happened to me, since I believe that was down to my bad security. But I think they will continue to harass.

Were the hackers doing this just for giggles or is there a valid reason? Jealousy?

Something about them hating Toontown or something I think. I’m not entirely sure.

Did the incident go to the extreme at one point?

Had the police involved in everything. Yeah, it sucks pretty bad but I got mostly everything back now.

   The reason I implemented this interview is to show that with bigger and better MMO’s comes bigger and worse hacking. It’s cause and effect, the scale jumps up a notch. Should ordinary users be worried about their info? Kind of. Although you should care about your privacy primarily, the games themselves and the developers do have drills and systems against hacking. If you wish to remain in a certain MMO that is experiencing hackings, I suggest upping the security on your account(s).

   Lastly and evenly important, gameplay! I’ve documented Mech Mice and MMA (Mech Mice Academy) a variety of times on my website, but I’d like to use it as an example. During the alpha/beta stage, the concept of Mech Mice, as a turn based strategy game (identical to toontown’s concept), started out as third person view. Third person view is where you overview your character in the outer region; controlling them. Later it would then turn into first person, meaning that the user sees what the character sees; through their eyes. Stuff like this shows that MMO’s are surely turning course and getting more creative. We’ll most likely see more first person MMO’s, but to keep it old fashion I can imagine more third person as well. Are you ready for 2015?


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