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   Eight years ago I joined the MMO community not necessarily expecting much drama involving corporations. Disney broke that concept, and I don’t think it should continue. I’m not going to lie, although Disney did save Club Penguin from bankruptcy in August of 07′, Club Penguin’s community altered severely. Dating back to 2012, I’ve released a plethora of articles discussing things from rarity extinction to the future of Club Penguin. But I’ve never truly discussed the CP community and its fate, as I’ve been sensing much disappointment in the air. In this, you’ll see multiple factors relating to the actions of this community lately including a Q&A session with community veteran CW700 (This article is referring to the community, not the game itself.)

   Allow me to put it into perspective. During formation in 2006, the CP community had everything; Music videos, blogs, and fan sites. Through the 2008, it was just shortened to music videos (CPMVS) and blogs. Now, 2012 – present, the chance of fame in this community is basically blogging. Trends have shortened in the community and as a veteran I can assure you these are hints of a dying community.

   Now, some of you may not understand what I specifically mean by “community”. An MMO community isn’t basically just normal MMO users, they tend to expand the thought of the MMO by involving it widely in social media and interacting with other people while doing it. Communities like these become technically families. The users have always kept up the penguin spirit independently, so when things don’t go correctly, Disney gets nudged into involving themselves with us, with things like Field Friday and MeggTakeover. An ordinary MMO should have the capabilities to stand up alone, so when that isn’t taking place a natural plan by a company is to interact more than usual.

   Well… why is such degradation occuring? Disney isn’t necessarily comprehending the message from their community. Yes, Disney has done some good but they’ve done more sheer disappointment than sheer amazement lately. Parties to be specific have disappointed many users this year and people don’t have much hope towards CP reviving. Less room decoration has been more common starting in late 2013 and users are clueless as to why.

   I was able to get a few questions answered by a happy member of the CP Community, @CW700CP. She is a talented graphics designer, generally inspired by Club Penguin.

  • why do you think the CP community has rapidly degraded lately?

Mainly because CP is lacking enjoyable activities and the “fun” feeling for their parties. Also, that many longtime players have been growing out of the game. Most of us believe CP and Disney is making a lot of bad decisions “nonpurposely” and trying too hard to impress us, thus not giving us enough satisfaction. We mostly believe CP is being selfish in not listening.

  • Has Club Penguin given you a positive childhood?

In a way yes and no. I was always antisocial and didn’t have much friends in real life, even though I’m still okay and used to it in the present. I’ve befriended and met a lot of people across the world, and CP did introduce me to other sides of the Internet as I grew older. But the negative sides of being more antisocial and having a “no life” have thrusted upon me; though the negative aspects of meeting bullies and selfish people did help me learn from experience.

  • Would you have preferred a different MMO to be a childhood memory?

As for a different MMO, No, I’m glad CP has affected my childhood and teenage years in many ways of learning. If it wasn’t for CP I would’ve never had my truest friends and the nastiest “friends” I’ve learned to weed out.


   Now, is this downfall primarily Disney’s fault? Well, that IS the message being perceived. Club Penguin has relied on the concept of releasing weekly content for 9 years straight, rather it be updates, items, or parties. It’s just that lately, this “weekly content” hasn’t been so satisfying for the community. Click here to see a blog post by a former moderator Rocketsnail about this.

   How would such corrupt weekly content be fixed? FULLY listening to the community. I’ve noticed lately Disney HAS listened to us lately, just not at a large degree. I hope for more years of this CP family, as it will soon reach its 10 year mark and I hope to play for many more. Things tend to change, though. Whether it be graphics, moderators leaving, or unlikable updates.

    The community tends to mourn the previous Club Penguin, that the “past was better”. I can agree with this, although the past CP was great a change was BOUND to occur. When I played in 2006 It was great and as an MMO archivist I can see the perspective that the community is coming at. Disney indeed has been hinting at the “Old Club Penguin” lately, (2005 – 2008), but hasn’t necessarily done anything to enforce the idea of returning the old CP. Old is gold, right? Don’t get the wrong message from this article. Club Penguin surely has many years to come, but the community, the fanbase that had spread talents all over youtube and such sites, may or may not end soon. I’ve noticed, after returning, that this community does indeed love the game and I can see it staying as nobody clearly wants to let go. Waddle on!


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