Is Cog Nation possible?


   I’ll admit it, Toontown Rewritten’s progress has been tremendous. The previous hosted party, ToonFest 2014, was quite impressive. The incredible new room they implemented was quite the eye-opener, and it opened up some mindful concepts for Toontown Rewritten’s future.

   Last year, I surely didn’t expect custom rooms and items from the TTR team. Keep in mind, that was during closed alpha. Around that time, I argued against Cog Nation existing in this new private server, but open beta surely set the true capabilities and skills of this team. Now, a year later, MANY possibilities have opened up, one being of course Cog Nation. Now, some of you may not really understand the concept of this “Cog Nation”. Allow me to go into detail, and the assessments will be at the end.

   The “Cog Nation” rumor sparked up in fury around 2006. After noticing concept art from 2003 of this “Cog Nation”, users then found crates in Cashbot HQ mints titled “Cog Nation”. Cog Nation is basically the cog HQ, as supreme as Sellbot HQ, Bossbot HQ, Cashbot HQ, and Lawbot HQ combined. Cog nation would then house the Chairman, which is basically king of all cogs. The rumor sparked up extremely once again after TTR’s launch party “ToonFest”, where there was an odd, un-reachable location that everyone sighted that even had barrier codes in it meaning if you did reach it, it’ll bring you somewhere.

   To the right is the odd Mine cart entrance that caused a plethora of attention. Here’s the thing with the TTR team; they are brilliant with storyline approaches and hints. From the MMOCentral Forums to the game specifically, Easter eggs are everywhere.

   Periodically, This cave will flash a red light contiguous for about 2 minutes over 5 minute intervals, quite odd and fishy, and get this; It might even be in morse code… Crazy isn’t it? You can view a video about it here. Now, an ordinary Toontown user would be like “Ok… it’s just a cave, so what?”. If you’ve been involved in the community, Joey (TTR creator) has been hinting the chairman and many odd concept drawings related to Cog Nation in some way.

   concept-duckhunt As some may already know, the concept art group I’m specifically referring to is the one Piranha2021 (The lead graphic designer) released in a blog post a while ago. From the various blueprint theme posts they put up to the odd boss battle pictures, as you can see in the very back, many odd features are implemented in them. Users from MMOCentral forums (formerly known as ToontownCentral forums)  took the liberty of scanning these images and noticed new concepts (in the one in the far back) such as flying goons and an odd giant room with what seems like all four bosses battling toons in it.

   Knowing the Toontown community, a good rumor surely sets up a lot of hype. So, what happened you say? The Cog nation hype train got back in gear! Everyone has a lot of faith in the team and their doings, and many fantasies have become true lately with TTR’s incredible progress. It’ll be a matter of time until the team themselves want to make their own fantasies become true, because they’ve been in the original toontown and they surely know a thing or two about the whole Cog Nation concept and many other things.

   TTR, as of right now, has insane amounts of potential and they can basically do anything with this story-line they’ve got whipped up. But many of you need to think about what needs to take place precisely before Cog Nation is to be implemented into the game. The whole idea of Cog Nation is basically a big portal; you have access to all four Cog branches as one colossal building. If the plan were to go through, all four current cog HQs would need to be removed from the game. Erased from the map as well. They would then need to decided where to put this colossal structure and will need to alter all tasks relating to all cog Hqs… quite the coding hassel isn’t it?

   So here is the part that I leave you with hope! As a player of Toontown for about 8 years now, I’ve pretty much gotten down the possibilities of game changing implements (cog nation). I can say that with the impression that Toonfest has left on me, Cog nation IS possible. With a bit months work on concepts and formatting, Cog nation would be an incredible landmark in Toontown’s history. It’s quite humorous, doors are opening for us that Disney’s Toontown Online has had for 10 years, yet we’re already enforcing these opportunities with about a year under our belt. Cheers to the future!


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