The journey begins: Employment!

   Let’s get this out of the way; I’m young. Quite a bit young at that; but full of publicly acclaimed potential. In mid 2008 I geared up and webbed a wordpress blog that I attended to post articles in the area of MMO’s (Massively Multiplayer Online game) and computer gaming. I was 8 years old yet I somehow found my lifelong hobby; blogging. That was 6 years ago, my work has been freemium (Done freely) this whole time.

   Recently, my work has been moderated by various companies and I think it is time for me to reach out. I’d like to get into what I specialize, and then what I do specifically. I’m an archivist of multiple MMO’s. The list includes Toontown, Club Penguin, Transformice, and multiple others.

   With the knowledge that I carry of these MMO’s, I post various articles on topics that ordinary users simply cannot express enough. from rants, game reviews, to even game updates (Yes, I’m open towards blogging on an MMO website itself) my posts tend to represent the minds of average MMO players therefore it is a perfect citing tool. Honestly, I’m quite surprised that I haven’t run out of topics to type about.

   Here’s where the employment concept comes into play. Lately I’ve seen many bloggers get paid by posting simple cheat code blog posts. I’m quite the opposite; I clearly like to type. I’d like a partnership, to be exact. You pay me to post (preferably along the lines of gaming, reviews, ect.) and in return you receive quite the bargain of an article, I’ll admit myself.

Interested? contact me via Twitter for the time being by clicking here.


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