Blog Update #6: I met my Idol

   I get a lot of questions asking who exactly is my inspiration for gaming in general? If it wasn’t obvious enough, It’s Lance Priebe. During August of the year 06′ I joined my first MMO; Clubpenguin. Lance Priebe, better known as “Rocketsnail”, was still in control of the game during that time frame. I would visit his website quite a lot because for some reason he stuck out to me from all the other moderators.

   It wouldn’t be until November of 07′ where I would pick up web design. I found inspiration from Lance’s blogging and graphic designing capabilities; their simplicity. I guess it was a dream at that time. It was like a “Woah… I want to be him one day… I want to be Rocketsnail.” I was yet to meet him, yet I found inspiration from the thought of his work. When he quit in 2010, I was quite upset because I clearly didn’t witness his prime nor did I get to meet him.

   Since then, I’ve aimed my skill sets and career goals to be similar to my childhood idol; Lance Priebe. On October 25, 2014; I finally got to meet him. He was wearing his simple red viking helmet and he was so epic. Yes, I did meet other mods such as Happy77, Billybob, and moose, but Rsnail really struck it home for me. It was a great way to celebrate 9 years of Clubpenguin, and over 8 years of it being in my life.


One thought on “Blog Update #6: I met my Idol

  1. Congrats on meeting Rsnail. Can you add me on Club Penguin please, Carphon? I am Ryanec1. Thanks.
    P.S. I was also there and met Rsnail, Billybob (for only like 4 minutes), Happy77, but sadly I didn’t meet moose. So please add me on Club Penguin, thanks.
    Ryanec1 from

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