It’s getting a little Toony

A year in the making, the day that the whole Toontown community has waited patiently to see. Toontown Rewritten (A fan-made Private server of Disney’s Toontown) will open September 19th to the public, exactly a year since Disney’s toontown’s closing, And most likely marks an end to my TTRW articles. Here’s some intel.

The TTRW staff will be hosting a party to celebrate such accomplishment called “Toon-Fest!”. Attendants of the party will recieve an awesome item or two for their toon. The team will also give to the loyal Alpha, Beta, and playtime testers who have patiently tested the game.

If that wasn’t enough, the team is opening new areas to Toontown Rewritten. Now, this isn’t fully a launch. TTRW will be in its final stage of testing, Open Beta. They just need to “squash some bugs”. It gives the whole community a chance to pitch in and help.

I can’t believe that the day has come, and it has really inspired me. I’ve never, over around 8 years, seen such a devoted community. The Toontown Community is very close, and the game closing didn’t even separate them, they went and coded their own, fan-made version of Toontown. Here’s the teams saying of this:

One year ago today, we started development on a project that would come to be known as Toontown Rewritten. Our intentions were clear: We weren’t ready to let Toontown die just yet, and neither were you. The journey to get here has been incredible, and we’ve accomplished so much with your help. After hours upon hours spent building it, it’s finally time to open the doors of Toontown for everyone all over again.

I’m aware that many parents and curious MMO users tour my posts, so I’ll get some questions out of the way for you guys, for a final time.

  • Yes, You do start over your toon. Don’t get so upset by this, as the other 150,000 registered toons also have to start over.
  • Toontown Rewritten will most likely have a run-time of 2 – 3 years.
  • I’m unsure whether TTRW will become hacker infested like Toon valley in Disney’s Toontown was, but what I can tell you is the staff members are very trustworthy and have a system to protect fellow users from hackers and other computer related threats.
  • At the start Toontown Rewritten will not have highly advanced graphics such as the ones showcased in the “Toontown 2” concepts. Ugly corny, a community favorite, has been hired to make “texture packs” for users to implement into the game.
  • Disney Employees are aware of Toontown Rewritten’s existence, so no more “Toontown is being re-created, Stop them!” funny business.
  • Stats will NOT be reset when open beta occurs, all progress that occurs during closed beta will be kept and recorded.
  • Lastly, add-ons (additions) to the game will be added on later as the game progresses. New gag attacks, Cogs, and items are included in that list.

Another thing that surprised me the most is the sheer upgrades that have been implemented into Toontown Rewritten. The EPIC flying hot air balloon in Alpha testing was one thing, they really nailed this launch. Sir Max has hired some very talented staff members. Their jobs range from creating new theme songs/tunes for the ordinary Toontown Rewritten session, to even coding new graphics. There is a lot in store for the future of Toontown Rewritten and its development, this is only the beginning. The game will only get bigger and better, resulting in an amazing experience for the general user.

What do you need to know?

   Most people don’t really know about Toontown in general, so here is a quick summary to keep you caught up. Toontown, Made by Disney, started on June 2, 2003. Toontown is a Turn Based strategy game that teaches users to choose right from wrong in certain tactical situations.

The game had a good run for 10 years, it had an abrupt ending in September 19th, 2013. Users were alerted a month before that the game will end, leaving the community devastated for the month being until closure. Multiple companies attempted to buy Toontown (Such as Schell games, as mentioned in previous posts) but none came close.

   Fed up with the rumors, the community took matters into their own hands. Users from Toonbook, (A Toontown Social network; spoof of “Facebook”) started a project to recreate Toontown in August of last year. A year of development later, in 2014, Their project will launch on the anniversary of Toontown Disney’s closing.


    Being one of the few bloggers to document and rant Toontown Rewritten’s progress since the start, I actually find Toontown Rewritten revolutionizing. It sets a good example of community contribution and dedication. The progress on the game is absolutely amazing and the developers have earned my respect for the devotion.

   I will most likely change my primary game to Toontown Rewritten after it launches. The game for me rates an excellent on my scale. I’m stoked that this day has come and hope for the best towards Toontown Rewritten and its staff.

   As my opinion, I think Toontown Rewritten, after launch, will become incredibly strategic, more than Disney’s Toontown. The community is incredibly close, and those who are aware of Toontown Rewritten are clearly veteran players of the game, which results in incredible gameplay experiences. With the mentions of the future add-ons like gags and such, the wait just intensifies. Cheers to TTRW.

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