Game Review: Fantage

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   As I take open requests, a Fantage fan wanted me to check out this virtual world. Let’s start off with the basics of Fantage. It is an MMORPG with many customization options, such as you can alter your appearance of your character (cartoon) from accessories to facial appearance. You have a username like most games to be identified. This game is child friendly as it has an advanced chat filtering system and its main goal is “Child Safety,made possible by a three-tiered safety system”.

   Just like most, you are given a home when you register. For show off sake, you have the ability to open that home to the public to host parties or to just let people tour the house. Although you already start with a home, premium members can update their home to their richer comfort. For the liberty of exploring, users can explore up to 19 different destinations that are implemented into the game. Downtown, Uptown, Mt. Fantage, Castle, Carnival, Beach, Forest, Wizard’s Domain, The Dock, Oasis, Fantage School, Creature Area, Pet Town, User Home, Sea Breeze, Lighthouse, Hidden Meadow, Campground (only accessible in the summer) and the new Island. For on the go experience, Fantage is available for the iPhone, making it app friendly.

   If you are a Premium member, you can buy items for your character with coins you’ve earned from mini-games within the virtual world. Being in the Premium enabled many, many possibilities. From pets to hosting parties, premium for fantage is the real deal. 1 Month membership, at its best, is 7.95$.

   You’re probably wondering, “If this is a childrens game, is there any hint of education?” There is a school in fantage which has things varying from math class to chess, language arts, and geography. Not too long ago they added “Art Smarts”, which is implemented to “test the users knowledge on famous works of art”, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, ect.

   It originated in 2007 but launched in April 2008 to fellow users. With this said, Fantage is still quite new compared to other virtual worlds. It is for ages 6 – 16, quite a unique age range if you ask me. 4 years after the games launch it mounted up to 16,000,000 registered users. If that isn’t impressive, Fantage seems to be ahead of Clubpenguin in development. in 2012 Fantage became available on the App store, about a year before Disney’s attempt with their virtual worlds. As an award, Fantage recieved the Editor’s Choice Award from the Children’s Technology Review.

If you would like to check out Fantage, Click here.


11 thoughts on “Game Review: Fantage

  1. I have an account for Fantage, and I’ve played for about three years. It was a lot better before, but then they became desperate for money or something and they have risen the prices on stuff and a lot of things need premium membership. But great review 🙂

      • Oh, they were about to. They used to have a shop called Trade N Sell where people could sell and trade their items. Since they have ”eCoins” (another currency that you have to use real money to buy), people were selling their items for eCoins and they were earning them easily. So then people stopped buying eCoins so they almost went bankrupt.

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