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Is there really any competition towards Club Penguin? I’ve been a member of quite a few different virtual worlds, from Chobots to Toontown, to Transformice to even Webkinz back in the day. But none of these worlds match up to Clubpenguin, popularity and uniqueness wise. To make this fair, we’ll exclude Club Penguin’s price, (350,000,000), because price doesn’t define community value for these games.

Now we all know Club Penguin is owned by the top dog, Disney. Worlds like Transformice and Chobots are owned by independent small businesses. This causes for Club Penguin to receive ideal attention, hence its major advertisements now days. Let’s put things in perspective on Club Penguin, and then we’ll compare the other popular worlds to make this fair.

Clubpenguin is a free to play MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game), or Freemium. It allows for more abilities once paid membership occurs. Let’s get to the impressive part. Club Penguin, turning 9 years old in October, has released weekly content since August 2005. Whether it’s bug fixes or items, it’s devotion. It was impressive from 05′ – 07′, until Disney took over in August 07′ and it started to make sense that pure devotion would take place.

Since then Club Penguin has received much attention, such as hosting sponsored parties like the “Superhero Takeover“. It would be till last year that Club Penguin would become independent, with the unexpected closings of Fairy pixie dust and Toontown. This would only bump up the Club Penguin popularity, even though at that time it was seemingly dying.

Now, for the comparisons. All of the MMOs i’m comparing all can have membership enabled for more abilities. Let’s start with an example to show the difficulty of comparison. Toontown was the 2nd best MMORPG while it was up, but its prime was 2003 – 2007. Club Penguin’s prime seemingly goes up and down, still active. But there is a problem here, both of these MMO’s have completely different objectives. Club Penguin is an online world, while Toontown is a turn-based online strategic world. This makes it difficult, doesn’t it? The only up and running MMO that is quite similar to Club Penguin is Chobots. Chobots is quite new but it serves the same motto as Club Penguin “waddle around and meet new friends”.

Communities play a huge part in MMO’s. The Club Penguin community has shifted and turned but its still active. It’s one of the most social media friendly MMOs right now. Chobots is too, but the community isn’t nearly as involved and advanced as the Club Penguin community is. Chobots limits certain role play activities while Club Penguin allows for technically anything role play. It seems like Club Penguin might just take the win for best MMO running with no competition with this. For the best MMORPG, it’ll be a tie between Toontown Rewritten and Transformice. Now I understand that those who play Toontown say that Toontown is the best and those who play Chobots say Chobots is the best. The answer is from comparison, Club Penguin is the most advanced and most popular up and running MMO in the business at the moment and it might just stay like that for a long time, right? Maybe.

New virtual worlds come along the road sooner or later. Lance Priebe announced an upcoming MMO sharing the same comparisons to Club Penguin. He even stated in a twitter response that it may even be better than it. Will this MMO soon become the next big thing? Who knows, it may take a while but anything can happen like they say.

What’s your take? Do you think Club Penguin either has no competition, is losing its advantage, or its quite level with its peers. Leave your responses below.


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