I’m surprised that many people seem to avoid the evolution of games that’ll occur in 2015, next year. Long ago I posted a blog post adding onto Rocket snail’s take on the year 2015 about 2 years back. It talked about how people tend to ignore the brilliance of games like the now hated Club penguin. Such as Club Penguin is free to play, and has been releasing weekly content for nearly 9 years now. Next year it will be 10 years old, and Disney seems to notice boredom in Club Penguin but they try to ignore it, and the community veterans notice it all. What can we infer from that? Rsnail put it best, he put

I am surprised by how many game developers continue to ignore the free-to-play business model and the impact of Club Penguin on the game industry. In the next 3 years, approximately 150 million penguins (kids) will become teenagers. Are you ready for this next generation?

Sites like Facebook, Youtube, Dailymotion, Club Penguin, WordPress and Y8 are all turning 10 years old in 2015. Makes you think… what now? New games and sites are soon to take over, as a 10 year reign for sites seems too much. The same month that Toontown turned 10 years old, It was shut down by Disney, It’s simply just boredom. Developers like Lance Priebe announced new MMO’s coming our way, firing shots as “It’ll be 100% better than the top games right now”.

It almost seems right now that games are directionless. The gaming communities are dying and there aren’t really new ones popping up at this point of time. But I’ve also noticed the communities are getting closer, getting in contact on websites like Twitter and even Tumblr. The moderators are getting closer with the community, Such as Spike Hike and Polo Field on Twitter. They possibly also notice the community wasn’t as big as it was before. It’s because the communities are evolving to their second tier, because the communities from 2005 – 2010 are now either getting too old or are tired of the poor treatment. This calls for new game replacements.

If you’d like to get a perspective on website evolution, visit https://archive.org/. It lists every old website design of nearly every website, you can even archive this website if you’re interested. It’s kind of neat seeing how websites evolved, but you notice that the sites go directionless. The designs get simpler and simpler, then it’ll go error 404… meaning the website has closed, quite depressing, yet reasonable to most. So for that question again; are you ready for this next generation?



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