Blogging… Is it worth it?

I read an article on about whether it’s bad or not to make money through blogging. I loved the topic and it made me think. It has its ups and downs but here i’m to talk about blogging in general; is it worth it?

Blogging for me is a way to express feelings towards any subject in general. Now, I use wordpress to generate my website. It’s the ideal blogging website in my opinion. Whether your blogging about pregnancies to MMO’s, Xbox to Playstation, your voice can be heard. It’s great for literacy, as of 6 years of doing this my english teachers won’t zip it about how good my writing is. It makes sense that I would progress with my grades in english with this hobby. Even if I did MMO tutorials for the first 3 years of my career, I still learned how to actually type, since I was 8 years old when I started.

Now the lottery win; money. Let’s get this straight: I do NOT get paid for blogging. At the moment I have been doing this hobby for free for the acknowledgment of viewers for 6 years and I do NOT plan on making money anytime soon with this. By the stretch of the imagination, maybe. I just enjoy typing, I enjoy literature in general. If you get enough experience you can start making money for doing blog posts if you really wanted to. The amount varies, but If you are interested I suggest googling the best amount. If you did sign up for money, inactivity can not be in your favor. You must keep up with your blog posts weekly or even daily if the company requires it. If english is your strong subject I strongly suggest blogging. It’s a way to pass time or do what your best at, which is of course literature.

So… Is it worth it?

The answer varies. If your strong is literature, go right ahead. If you need help with literature, do what I did and start blogging. I was young but I surely passed my class with reading skills by the time I was 9. If you really have no time at all on your hands, blogging might not do it. Once you blog you can easily get discovered and get constant views; inactivity only allows the hallway to the exit door for viewers and visitors. Blogging has been in my family’s blood for about 8 years now; my brother (Bazrion) and my sister (Soulstice Sunset) blog. Well now that that’s over… Here’s to typing!

Update; You can visit my sister’s website here


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