Only one thing comes to mind for an introduction: do you like cheese? Transformice is a large strategic virtual world with one objective: get the cheese. You play as a small mouse in which you can design later on as you progress through the ranks, It’s quite addictive. Let’s get into detail.

   There are multiple rooms in the site which you and up to atleast 50 others work together to get a piece of cheese and return it back to the mouse hole; once all are returned you win the round along with the others. One mouse in particular is chosen every round, they are called the “Shaman“. The shaman has the ability to modify the map (2D map) and add bridges; other strategic items in which would help the other normal mice, without the Shaman it’d be quite difficult. To summon up the shaman; It’s basically the tribe leader, (hence the shaman wears an indian themed outfit when chosen).

   The website’s popularity is quite the surprise, as there are more people who play TFM (Transformice) than those who play Clubpenguin daily. The game itself is genius. Adding such adoreableness and strategic objectives together doesn’t always turn out great, but for this it did.

   All adorableness aside, it surely teaches a subliminal lesson: Teamwork. Once the shaman (you’ll be the shaman atleast once in a room session) all users depend on you to guide them. If you fail, everyone fails. The game promotes responsibility in leadership and in general. That is why I recommend this MMO, as quite the experience for an average user.

 You can visit the Transformice website here                                     


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