Blog Update #4


Today I officially ended my CP only devoted blog that I registered in november 2008. This does not mean I am quitting, I just can’t stand focusing on one game subject anymore. The website was previously I stated;

I have moved this site address. Fever was the past, Although I still own fever I no longer use him. Visit for more information. Thank you for all of the fans of fever, and the 19K hits over the past 5 years. I appreciate it very much, As my career has been quite subliminal lately. If you would like to move on with me, I have much in store as I’m far from quitting.

   I still have all of the posts just for nostalgia’s sake. The account I used; for those who are not familiar with my past, was Phat Fever. I used M A S K Y in the 2009 portion of the wordpress because i lost interest in fever. I was absent from the site for about 4 years and when i went to the dashboard I had over 100+ comments to review, yes I did approve most.  I apologize for the 4 year wait of approval… 😉

What’s in it for

   I’m adding another barrier to soon; flash games. As a MMO fanboy, I might as well showcase my designs. I’ve been getting in contact with multiple flash game experts, therefore this should help progress. I’ll be adding a “Projects” page to showcase what i’m doing. I’ve been progressing throughout the years, so it’s best I display early. I’ll be removing the timeline from my about and I’ll track it on another wordpress, I’ll re-launch it later on as many have said it’s quite inspiring and interesting to them to read it.

There’s more to come!


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