WWE is finally listening



I’ve been watching WWE since 2008, although the past few years have been off and on. But I’m noticing some odd changes in the WWE, hints that superstars are giving that I’m just going to expand here since their ideas aren’t getting across. Here are some sub-topics to settle the latest news.


 I’m sure a crazy amount of us are insanely bummed out at Undertaker’s loss at Wrestlemania, As we wanted such a streak to continue as it was literally part of everyone’s childhood, lasting 22 years. It was going to end; yet we didn’t realize how soon the end was. What also angers fans is the choice of who was to end it: Brock Lesnar. But think about this, even if it was someone else, they would receive the same hate. At least it wasn’t John Cena, That would be a disaster.  Mainly because He’s been pushed too much in the WWE In the past decade.

But I’ve read something neat. Sting has been hinting his debut in WWE recently in some interviews, here’s what I noted in his most recent interview topic:

  • He literally says “I want to face Undertaker at Wrestlemania”, although he is not interested in facing anyone else.
  • He says that lately he has been on Youtube, noting Undertaker’s previous matches
  • He has also watched the previous RAW episodes that occured the past few weeks

Although It won’t be special hence Undertaker is now 22 – 1, It’ll be incredible to see them face off at Wrestlemania.


 A new Diva surfaced in the WWE the past few months and has been booming on the internet. Her name is Paige, quite beautiful, Isn’t she? She’s all over Tumblr and youtube, because fans find her easy to relate to. She’s the only newest WWE superstar that has actually surprised me, new wrestlers like Adam Rosebud don’t cut it; the gimmicks are cheesy. But for Paige it’s different, and acceptable, which is what WWE gimmicks have been lacking lately.

Let’s just hope WWE doesn’t waste her talents like they’ve been doing to other superstars, especially divas. Although some of our beloved superstar new gimmicks may seem adaptable, corporate Kane is the most horrible thing I’ve witnessed, as he’s been my favorite wrestler since day one. His character doesn’t get as much respect as others do, such as Paige. I just hope they don’t make Paige the John Cena of the Divas Division, like AJ Lee was.


Goldberg. The big S.O.B of WCW from the 90’s. Many have prayed for his return for years after disappearing around 2003 from WWE. Well recent speculation go to show that Goldberg is indeed returning. WWE over the months hasn’t stopped referencing Goldberg lately, and Goldberg showing up on JR’s podcast simply titled “Returning to WWE”  goes to the obvious. Goldberg will return; he nearly did last WM 31. Many meetings were held but they couldn’t pull it out. He’s trying, and as of right now it’s clear that he’s training.

There is one jerk opponent that people want goldberg to shut up: Ryback. When Ryback finally answered the question of how he thinks he resembles Goldberg he stated that he doesn’t in any way and if Goldberg would return Ryback would beat him. This clearly angered fans even more. I think it’ll be amazing to see Goldberg and Ryback in the same ring, with years and years of build up.

So with all of this, do you think WWE is doing a good job listening? Seems like it has taken ages, but it sure does look good to see a long awaited fan rumor come true.


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