Hyper Hippo

Not that many people are noticing the uniqueness that Hyper Hippo holds. The company, fresh out of its debut in 2012, is getting a big break. Lance priebe, better known as “Rocketsnail” is the founder of Hyper Hippo. He is also known as the creator of Club Penguin. Lance gathered some game designers to form this new game developing studio, and he then teamed up with Screenhog, whom is also known for creating Club Penguin. These game developers have been releasing new flash games to keep fans occupied, as their main games Mech mice  and Mech Mice Academy may get old. Games like “Elastrix” and “Rain Drop” are some of the few, I highly suggest checking the flash games out.

Their new big project, “Lexicon Heroes”, has also been getting big. It hasn’t launched yet, but it has caused quite a stirr on their twitter and many others. I’ve been alpha testing their games and it’s quite the experience to join a company journey early, kind of makes it your childhood. This is why I don’t blame people who continue to play games like Toontown and Club Penguin, as they’ve been with those game companies since the start. With that said, this company has a subliminal wake up call for those looking for one of those MMO game phases.

The company has a unique bonding system with their fans. Such as in their first homepage, near the bottom they designed each indivisual staff member a hippo character to be represented as, the one you see above is I believe Screenhog.  The company is currently not looking for staff members, but they will accept resumes. I enjoy this company and its progress, and I certainly recommend playing their games. Visit them at Hyperhippo.ca


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