Game Changing MMO?

Current Status: Developing a next generation Virtual World for Kids!       Lance Priebe, better known as “rsnail” in his entrepreneur titling game “Clubpenguin”, has tweeted this simple tweet. It had the whole MMO community buzzing for the bit while it remained. It woke a lot of people up though, and here’s why. Wwe Adam […]

Blog Update #4

Today I officially ended my CP only devoted blog that I registered in november 2008. This does not mean I am quitting, I just can’t stand focusing on one game subject anymore. The website was previously I stated; I have moved this site address. Fever was the past, Although I still own fever I […]

Fact Monday #2

THINGS This is a tutorial on how to calculate the number of things in the universe.    Michael from Vsauce calculated approximately how many things there are in our universe… the Observable universe (6.2 billion lightyears). Crazy, isn’t it? Here’s how this was achieved.    In Vsauce’s “Things video” he goes very in depth with facts […]

WWE is finally listening

    I’ve been watching WWE since 2008, although the past few years have been off and on. But I’m noticing some odd changes in the WWE, hints that superstars are giving that I’m just going to expand here since their ideas aren’t getting across. Here are some sub-topics to settle the latest news. DREAM […]

Hyper Hippo

Not that many people are noticing the uniqueness that Hyper Hippo holds. The company, fresh out of its debut in 2012, is getting a big break. Lance priebe, better known as “Rocketsnail” is the founder of Hyper Hippo. He is also known as the creator of Club Penguin. Lance gathered some game designers to form this […]