Blog update #3

I’ve noticed over the past 3 years that my blogging has become more relatable and very informal. I write pretty much what is on my mind and many people seem to agree with my opinions. My MMO posts have been getting a lot of attention, and I try to answer questions in the best possible way I can. This has me thinking, what’s next?

Over the past few weeks I’ve become very involved with gaming communities once again. Now that my blog is being noticed again I need another leap. With this idea, I’ve updated the website, once again, entirely.  But that’s not enough. In the beginning of, I continued my blogging style from my previous wordpress, which was active 2008 – 2010. I only focused on one game, therefore over the past few months my categories involve countless games. Most of them are drafts and are not launched articles yet. This still wasn’t enough, as I wasn’t satisfied. I no longer blog about MMO parties/events like I’ve previously done. For a brief summary, I now do informal articles on the games themselves. This works, as my articles such as “CP: Extinction” and “Toontown Rewritten”  have been getting quite the attention. I basically expand the thoughts that the communities are thinking into articles that pretty much do the speaking for them. My posts have notified countless MMO staff members of my site, From TTRW to even Disney at one point.

Here is where I answer some questions. I am okay with answering questions about the topic in which my post is about, as I do a lot of research and it’s best to ask me if you cannot get a hold of a moderator. But here is the thing, I am not a staff member on any of these MMOs. I may seem like one because there are very few bloggers who do a blogging style similar to mine.

Now this is where you come in the picture. As I can come up with article topics alone, you could probably help me with some subjects. Maybe something defending the game or even something offending it. Comment on this post, It’ll await approval and will not be approved so everyone has their own ideas, but don’t worry, I will read them all.

Latest Blog Activity:

I’ve re-designed the blog as you can see. Some people have reported not being able to access my blog via the new homepage, as the box leading to the pages isn’t visible enough, so I’ve added portals leading to the website pages to solve that. Now, as the About Me page seems well documented, it’s incomplete. I’m adding links leading to all my profiles on all the websites i’ve mentioned in the paragraphs, if you’d like to see them for yourself. My about me will most likely retire in 2017, so i’ve got a long ways of documenting, fun.



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