CP: Extinction

As enjoyable blogs are to me, I occasionally, over the past 7 years, visit the What’s New tab on Clubpenguin.  Their recent blog post states that there will be two parties in May, and that attracted me. The main one being the Futuristic Party and the small, one room one being funny hat week. But in the blog post, written by Polo Field, under the spoiler picture he states:

For those of you who think “old is gold”, then you’re in luck… The first new party this month is a mini, one-room party at the Dock! It totally reminds me of old CP.”

This had me thinking. OldCP. I caught nostalgia, and during this nostalgia I ran into a blog post on the Clubpenguin Wiki addressing rarity going into extinction. (Rarity means hard to find, but in CP’s case; very old account). The user addressed many topics regarding it, such as fake accounts, oblivion, and banned/hacked/quit veterans. The post had a lot of people thinking, are we the last ones left? The decrease in the community of “rare penguins” has been dramatic, after the multiple server migrations from mammoth, frozen, blizzard, sleet, ect. many penguins don’t move on.

   If you goto sleet now days, there are few actual old penguins, and then there are fake ones. Back when i was in the CP community during 2007-2008 it was very small and we were all close, then the community blew up and got huge, now the community has newer members who don’t really care for the past and look forward to the future, and that’s acceptable, because that shows that there are two different people. I can only infer from that: Extinction is occuring. I wrote on the post my opinion, yet the opinion was quite large.

Although they seem subliminal, There are some key examples of rarity dying. Such as the Blue duffle rain coat, in late 2007 it was the ideal rare item even though it was returned that same year, and every year before that. When it returned in late 2008 people said such return killed its rarity, even though it has had a noticable cycle of returning. it’s been roughly 5 years since this item has returned and even though it’s titled “rare” not many people care for it. I’ve been on the “My Penguin” app and I noticed the lack of knowledge of Clubpenguin’s history by the people on the app. They ask me such things as “How did you get those items”, or “are you new”, completely disregarding the fact that Clubpenguin has been open for 8 years now and just don’t bother to care. That’s understandable though, As most of them are 8-10 and their childhood is just starting and they chose Clubpenguin to kickstart it.

Yet, with this, the reason they don’t acknowledge CP’s interesting story is because they weren’t around Clubpenguin during its prime like we, the “Rare” people, were. That’s why Disney, here and there, is bringing back “rare” items from the beginning. Such as the un-expected and amazing return of the gold watch, you would of expected that to stay rare, right? They are kind of like shout outs. Disney won’t bring back items such as the blue lei and ice skates, but they DO bring them in different styles. Such as the gold lei, and the new black ice skates in the sports catalog. Only on rare occasions will they pass out the extreme such as the red lei in events like tatto’s anniversary party. They acknowledge the sleet community (I’d guess) and know that we stand for our childhood, and they respect that.

I’ve done a lot of research and it’s quite silly yet predictable to say “Disney ruined CP”, and say “We want old CP back” in the same sentence, if they’ve created their penguin 2008 – present. Disney was actually in what they title “Old CP” but it was roughly subliminal. It’s just Club penguin’s history passing by, but since Disney now owns it, they say, “Hey, let’s just blame Disney for such thing.” It’s classic Disney discrimination, since Disney is children-devoted I assume the users get offended because Clubpenguin now has that title, and if they speak out that they play CP in public others will simply say, “Wow, dude you’re like 14 that’s sad”.

There is hope to regenerate such history that we’ve created, though. Even sitting in the town, as rare as you are, could inspire newer members to visit this wikia and study Club Penguin’s history. We are basically the reminder of the past, the experiences we’ve had all lead up to this day, still with the same penguin, cherishing the minutes you’ve played on such a penguin. Besides the riots about Disney, the fakes and the trades of penguins DO destroy this community. “Sharing” is probably the most un-responsible way and I do not suggest doing so now days, I don’t even know why they did such in 2007. It’s very un-secure and un-trustworthy at most. It does bother me to see penguins with items like the party hat and red lei and it’s rather obvious their fake, like they do it on purpose to hurt our feelings. Although, there may be soon who don’t mean to do so. Maybe they just had a previous banned penguin and are trying to re-live their past… in just not the brightest way.

But in the end, you can be proud in what you did in your childhood. Even if you mock newer members, or respect others as their childhood is beginning such as yours was when you started back in the day, you live by this resemblance of childhood, even if it’s in the form of a penguin.

Soon after I posted this, I got many kudos from fellow users. I wasn’t surprised, though, because I knew that comment technically settled everyone’s inside thoughts. I’ve been in the community since August of 2007, and I’ve seen just about everything. Back then it was easy to make it, people, including me, took the chance and formed the CP community via Youtube.

Yet I remain subliminal, and so do the others, as disney and the fellow new members focus on the future. The yearbooks in the bookroom of Clubpenguin helps newcomers see Clubpenguin’s past, but it doesn’t really perceive the fun that we had during those moments. As people from the past, we want it to stay like it was. We have a hard time to accept change because we were so used to the original clubpenguin, or in other words, the start.

Sadly, we can’t go back in time. We cannot go backwards and we must go forward.  What you can do while going forward is have hope. I know that may sound silly, but it’s childhood, right? Keep that account live, continue your childhood even if it might just be over, and maybe it won’t go extinct.


One thought on “CP: Extinction

  1. This is a very nice article. I agree with most of what you had to say. 🙂 The post I’ll be making on my blog tomorrow will actually be about Disney and what things they should/shouldn’t be doing to save their game. I’ll cover why I feel Disney is now to blame for the direction the game has taken.

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