TTRW: Alpha journey ends

As some of you may have seen, The alpha portion of testing for the upcoming TTRW has ended. However, this does not mean TTRW is now launching. We now have another hurdle, beta testing. The journey of testing remains at large, as TTRW needs to implement a big part of TTRW itself; cogs.

Near the end of alpha they did implement cogs, but they were in the playground and they were mostly just testing animations. For beta they are going to do the needed parts, as to many alpha began to get boring near the end. The cogs, of course, will be moved to the streets and soon after they’ll plug in tasks (hopefully they have the story-line written out). The updates will get smaller and smaller, until the day that we’ve all been waiting for… Launch Day. Here’s what Shockly (team member) posted on the blog stating some details prior to beta.

1. The timeline of Beta will take place shortly after the Election. The cogs have invaded the streets of Toontown, and toons are just starting to learn how to fight them off through street battles and Toon Tasks. However, the cogs are learning a few things as well… Cog Buildings are beginning to tower over the streets of Toontown as more local shops are turned into mega-corporations.

2. To keep you occupied during the break, we will be releasing all sorts of entertainment. There are a few videos that we’re really wanting to work on for beta, as well as a comic that will be released to fill you in on what happened in the town while you were gone.

3. One of the main points of Beta is to give our servers and game technology a massive overhaul in preparation for the public release to ensure that everyone has a chance to play smoothly without interruption – and hopefully even more smoothly than ever before.

4. If you already have a Toontown Rewritten account: Congrats! You’re officially a Beta tester! All of our Alpha Testers, as a thanks for helping us, will be given extra keys as well so that they can play with their friends throughout Beta. As Beta goes on, those friends will be given keys to invite their friends, and so on.

5. Beta will start out small, and become massive before the end. Next week we’ll announce even more about Beta Keys and how they will work. We’ve listened to your suggestions!

Advantages are dominant in TTRW Beta. Most players will finally get a chance to play since the team wants to test their server strength (how much the server can hold). I may or may not participate in beta as participating in alpha was enough for me as i’ve developed patience. I’ll answer some questions regarding TTRW’s progress.

Why do TTPS (Toontown Private servers) take longer to make than CPPS (Club Penguin Private Servers), while TPPS are already pre-made?

Well, if you go from a CPPS to a TTPS, you’re stepping in an entirely different atmosphere. Toontown in general is 3D, Tactical, and very fast paced. Clubpenguin has many available .SWF files and the canvas is flat with few animations, (Room animation + Penguin animations). CPPS have become very advanced now days because Clubpenguin has become very easy to remake. But Toontown, even if it was already pre-made and all they did was grab files, they need to tweak it a bit to avoid copying the entire game, because originality is best. All the data didn’t come in a nice plate, they scrambled the data in a month or so and have to put the pieces back together, like a puzzle. Not to mention its 3D, so art concepts have to be three dimensional friendly.

How can I get a beta key?

There will be multiple ways this time. Contests, giveaways in general, and even being a friend with an alpha tester can get you one. They’ve given alpha testers beta keys and they get extra ones to give to their friends. I’m not saying use someone just because they have beta, just be open-minded and friendly at most.

Why can’t they just skip beta testing and go straight to launch?

Even if TTRW seems all fine and dandy, It is still very well in-complete. Give them time, the result will be better if they complete beta.

Do you think they’ll be able to handle such huge data base/ large servers?

I’m not quite sure. From my experiences with CPPS, some are weak and some aren’t. CPPS.ME has around 1,000,000 registered users with items and all, and it’s still strong. But TTRW is different game and its the first private server of Toontown. Toontown was able to stand for 10 years cause of its rich owner, Disney. With this I’m skeptical, but with the progress Joey and the team have done I think they can hold the servers/database for at least 2 or 3 years until TTRW closes, If not interrupted by major server jammers or hackers.

I’ll continue to blog about TTRW’s progress like I have before. Make sure to come back here and there to check for some important events, I’ll be right on them.


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