Xbox one


Here it is, The product that crushed the Xbox 720 rumor. On November 22, 2013 the long awaited new Xbox console launched, the “Xbox One”. Now, from the display you can tell the big change in design. What you’ll notice is:

  • the controller’s Buttons are more simple than Xbox 360’s controller
  • The Xbox home button has moved on the controller
  • The D-pad no longer has a “raised platform”.
  • the RB and LB buttons are connected by a platform, holding the new home button location.

The console has The new Touch sensitivity from the previous Xbox 360 Slim, and has speak command. “Xbox Sign Out”, and “Xbox turn off” are simple shortcuts. Most features were scratched after Microsoft noticed that fans despised them. Such as the feature saying you cannot play used games on the Xbox One. A bunch of them were taken out to make the Xbox one a little more worth it. From my experience, the controller is completely different. The analog sticks are more loose, for crazy sensitivity. I do not suggest using 20 Sensitivity on such games like Ghost with this controller, as it’ll be a circus act watching you control it.


  • Great! You bought it, Now you can’t talk to your friends who only have the Xbox 360.
  • Have to get use to the controller
  • Graphics may be too advanced for those who enjoy retro


  • Ultimate experience on futuristic graphics
  • Audio command
  • DVD Player
  • Allows multi-tasking
  • Brand new Kinect system (Of course)

Hope this helped with your thoughts on Xbox One. Prices are around 599$.

I know this post is late, Started it a while ago and just now finished it to put at least something out there.


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