“Google Glass”


I stumbled across a video by The Verge titled “I Used Google Glass”. I had no idea what Google Glass is, so as curious as I can be sometimes I clicked and watched. Here’s a summary. Google,  the past few years have been designing futuristic glasses with projectors (Computic Devices), I guess you could say. These products, after being connected to bluetooth, display your google account, such as who is calling you, anything to search up on google itself with voice command, ability to put up a status also using voice command, and, of course, the ability to take a photo. Now, I understand people can be skeptical and don’t really believe the abilities and power of  “Google Glass”, so here is the video itself.

The product is planned to be finish by the end of this year. So expect the future of electronics by late December. If you couldn’t state the obvious, the product is being made my Google. They plan on partnering with other companies to help to productivity with the progress of the project.Although, In the video they explain they aren’t really “Glasses” to help the eye see.


  • 5 Megapixel Camera
  • Microphone
  • Play-back Audio
  • Connection to social Network Google+ after connection of bluetooth
  • SmartPhone-like Functionality

“The team is very passionate about this idea” -Isabelle Olsson

You can tell Google is really trying to step it up a notch. It’s obviously a big advertisement for Google+, and it’s surely working.  If you want to see First Person View (FPV) of Google Glass, Here’s an accurate video of what Google Glass will look like in the final launch.

My Personal Opinion

I’m finally waking up and realizing the “Future” is today. 100 years ago there were articles based on what the future will look like, 70% of the predictions were true, but none predicted a hint of reference to this, and I find that amazing. While watching this, I wondered if it could damage your eye sight over time. The guy in the video seemed to not be struggling, so the system looks trustworthy. Of course, they are still prototyping so it’ll get much better. As I get older,  I’ll definitely will have to try these out, as I have nothing against their main goal and think nothing wrong of today’s electronics. Yes, I am a fan of retro but things advance overtime and I learned to accept that, A lot of people should too. Since I’m a big fan of Google, and not a big fan of Bing, I’ll probably be one of the first customers.


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