Toontown Rewritten: Impatience

ithinkifoundabug3I’ve been noticing the subliminal disrespect from “Toontown Fans” towards the TTRW staff. To me, It is very disrespectful to rush the staff’s progress with Toontown Rewritten. The staff are trying the best they can to launch TTRW successfully and the slower pace the better. My source is at their site, where they launched all the playgrounds in one week. Let them do what they need to do at whatever pace they need, rushing it will make it turn out worse. After I’ve seen countless people doing this, a rumor started to spread that the Toontown Rewritten process will take about 2 years to finish, If you believe this here’s what you need to know:

  •  Toontown was made from scratch, started in 1998.
  • Toontown Rewritten is NOT being made from scratch, and its process started in August 2013.
  • Toontown Rewritten is being made by a handful of teenagers
  • Toontown was made by a team of experts.

This basically explains that No, Toontown Rewritten will NOT take 2 years to complete, because it is not being made by scratch and is being developed using the 2013 version of the Panda 3D Engine, while Toontown was made with the 1998-2000 Panda engine. Therefore no more should that rumor be passed down.

I’ve recently gained access to alpha from a good friend Jasper. TTRW’s progress is astonishing. The team brought back Trolley tracks and Photo Fun,  Cudos to them. The gameplay of TTRW is oddly more sharp than the Disney’s Toontown. The speedchat phrases have way more work put into them and the graphics are sharper than ever, and it’s amazing. The speed chat phrases are genius and hilarious, too.

They nearly have everything down, but there are some obstacles to come. The cogs/Animations. Can they re-create them? It’s been on my mind for a while, but they most likely could pull it off. They have their ways to go, so patience is key at the moment. Telling them to rush on Joey’s TTRW alpha gameplay will only start a flame war of some sort. I can only guess that Open/closed beta will be around January/February of 2014.

Patience is key!


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