Advancement v2

sitesThe picture above explains, until further notice, the sites and games that i’ll be blogging about. You’re probably asking, “Twitter? Youtube?” I’ll most likely start doing “rant” articles on those sites. For deviantart, I’ll showcase my .PSD Files and free-to-use graphic freebies. The others are self explanatory, as they are Virtual worlds in their prime.

My next project, which I plan to finish by Thanksgiving, is my About Me page. It’ll be a well large enough biography of my past work and looks on my career. I’ll display a self portrait of myself, something I haven’t since I started blogging in 2008. This will be my last update/advancement post I put up, the next post will be up when I complete my About Me, Which I don’t know how long that’ll take.

The next of my giant articles will be a rant about Clubpenguin, as a member of the Clubpenguin Youtube/sleet community for 6 years now, I’m pretty sure my opinion matches up with 3/4 of the Clubpenguin users of today. It’ll be around atleast 15 paragraphs since I’m not satisfied with the countless videos/Articles I’ve made about this situation, So it’ll be my biggest article yet. So expect more, i’ll be putting ways to contact me in my About me, Since I enjoy feedback and whatever conversation comes up.


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