When I thought I settled in with a good template, I’m still unhappy. Eventually i’ll be testing out my site once more, making it better, though. I’ll update you guys on my specific projects at the moment (Since the sidebar message isn’t doing much.) I’ll be most likely updating the following:

  • Static page on this website      COMPLETE
  • A better “About me” page       In Progress
  • Page explaining my current projects
  • Page explaining better ways you can contact me (Xat, skype, ect.)
  • Since I haven’t my graphic designing career on here, I’ll most likely create a page showcasing some free graphics, I don’t know yet.
  • New template, of course.      COMPLETE
  • Possibly new logo?      COMPLETE

These updates should happen in less than a week, I want this site to be the best it can. I have no idea if i’ll keep the domain though, I’ve been rough drafting through some, Its been bothering me for a while now, initially started a year ago. I already got to posting my twitter and youtube, (They are both on the sidebar). I’ve been rough drafting some graphics for this site on Gimp, they haven’t worked out well, I need some better ideas. But for now, stay tuned. More articles coming soon.


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