Advertisement at its best

I’m quite impressed with the advertisement of games now days. I’ve always wanted atleast one gaming company to make an advertisement that actually relates to their fanbase/The Internet [Such as memes]. Now days, every company is referencing the internet/ their fanbase and it’s genius. It mostly started with beverage [Coca Cola, Mtn Dew, ect.] companies referencing iconic internet memes like nyan cat. I honestly don’t remember what company it was and sadly no one has posted it to youtube. But there was a gaming company that nailed it, Treyarch, with their ongoing Call of Duty series. I honestly don’t know who came up with the idea, But COD: Ghosts was featured in the background of Eminem’s new song “Survival”, with 21,000,000 Views already, and It is sure sparking up some conversations. Check it out yourself;

Meanwhile, EA Digital Illusions CE are stepping their game up too. On youtube, and I’m pretty sure television as well (Not certain), Their letting their fanbase explain their ‘awesome experiences’ playing the Battlefield: Beta. It’s a neat touch, letting the community speak themselves. These commercials are interfering with COD: Ghost’s commercials, and of course, The whole “BF IS BETTER, NO COD IS BETTER” has erupted once again. This is basically a compilation with the commercials advertising Battlefield: 4;

So what i’m trying to say is Gaming companies are finally getting the hint of better advertising, and it’s working. So…

Battlefield or Call of duty?

Oh yeah, Clubpenguin is 8 years old now

As I said before, I’ll also be attending the 8th Anniversary. I honestly didn’t expect to be noticed, not even one bit, But appearantly some people have been expecting me,


After 5 years of having M A S K Y, he finally gets his first anniversary hat due to absence, It adds on to his uniqueness, doesn’t it?


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