Toontown: Archive…. And TTRW

As another on-going episode series to my youtube, first one being most likely “It’s a waddleful life”, I’ll be uploading “Toontown: Archive”. I don’t know if this will spread to other games. Basically its memories of Toontown that I have on my computer. 50, 50 chance I’ll add Clubpenguin/Mech Mice into the group. Here’s the first Archive.

I have some archive already created, I just don’t know the constant date that i’ll be uploading them. [Once a week, once a moth, ect.]

Toontown Rewritten

The alpha Dev is Out, and multiple livestreams have taken the scene. (Don’t worry smirky, Your Livestream was great overall.) Although I am not part of the alpha, I took photos by choice of McQuack’s Interesting Livestream. Here’s the photos I took.

raku1Mcquack would pause here and there and just focus the livestream on a certain object, which gave me the opportunity.  This photo shows the MML street blocked by street signs, nice decorative design.


This is an up-close shot of the street signs blocking your exit, Although it is a different street. With the obvious inference, You can tell they are editing the streets at the moment.


As you can see, They’re doing a great job. Yes, The names haven’t been added in, but that shouldnt matter, it IS the alpha Dev after all. The process is slow and steady, and It’ll be released in mid January, 2014, Or lower. Please, be patient with them! Thank you to Mcquack for the Livestream on Twitch.

I sent an application to Sergeant Star, with the whole Toonbook Application event. I’m willing to be not a moderator, but a blogger for their Toontown Rewritten website. I’d enjoy it alot, and hopefully they accept my application.


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