Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Yes, I know its a couple days early. With the only virtual world with my interest at the moment, [TTRW isn’t out yet, but of course it’ll be my main interest when it does come out], I’m attending Clubpenguin’s Halloween party (October 17- 31).I decided to pull a Rsnail, after my disappearance from the game. I’ll be at the server Sleet most of the time. Its the first Clubpenguin party i’ve attended since around March of this year, and I honestly don’t remember what party it was. You can find me on my now publicly known penguin, M A S K Y.



I don’t know if I’ll attend more parties in the future. Clubpenguin has a party at least once a month now days, So going to all of them aren’t necessary to me. I’ll be going to the ones that count from now on, Ones that originated in 2005 of Clubpenguin, Such as Halloween, Christmas, Anniversary Parties, Ect. I got membership again because I don’t want to waste my penguin(s). Yes, I still own the penguins who have appeared in many of my 2008-2011 Clubpenguin videos on my old channel, If you watched them at that time.


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