Clubpenguin: Conflict


Clubpenguin’s newest Logo design.

There is a question that has been being asked and thought of by many people. From lovers of the Previous pirate virtual world, to the previous “Toontown”. “When will this game close”. Now here is a history lesson.

Penguin chat 1 was  made in 2001. It eventually evolved all the way to penguin chat 3, In 2004. The penguin chat saga ended October 28, 2005, Shortly after Clubpenguin was released. Now, Clubpenguin, with the owners as Rocketsnail and “Billybob”, went solo for about 3 years. Disney came along and saved Clubpenguin, being rumored that they saved them from closing/ going bankrupt. Now, With the idea of Toontown being 10 years old and closing on its 10th birthday, Disney probably has a decade (10 years) limit of their virtual world(s). Now, Technically Clubpenguin is 13 years old, going back to penguin chat 1. But Since Disney bought it in 2007, Clubpenguin which is originally turning 8 years old soon, is turning 6 years old for Disney. 2015 marks the 10th anniversary of clubpenguin. Here’s something Rocketsnail posted on his Blog last year, (This was in one of my previous posts before):

I am surprised by how many game developers continue to ignore the free-to-play business model and the impact of Club Penguin on the game industry. In the next 3 years, approximately 150 million penguins (kids) will become teenagers. A couple things you need to understand about Club Penguin:

  • Club Penguin is almost 8 years old.
  • Club Penguin is a service.
  • Club Penguin has released new content every week since it launched in 2005.
  • Club Penguin releases content globally on the same day in 5 languages.
  • Club Penguin releases all merchandise in sync with the online world.
  • Club Penguin is free-to-play (or freemium)

Is your studio ready for this new generation of players?

Will Disney be done? Probably not. This game has been in prime since 2007. Without interruptions, Clubpenguin would probably close in 2017, As its “10th Anniversary” in Disney’s terms. I understand that most people are annoyed with Clubpenguin, the entire Toontown community is for sure. But that is because they probably never joined Clubpenguin 2005-2007, and only see the Disney side of Clubpenguin. Much people don’t like advancement. They like a little bit of retro. If there was a poll of the options “New clubpenguin”, or “Old Clubpenguin”, Old clubpenguin will win without a doubt.

Another reason for everyone recently quitting Clubpenguin or not wanting to join is its new age limit. 2001 – 2007 It could be at around 5 – 18. When disney took over, with its image, the age limit decreased i’ll guess a 4-14. To me, People are downing clubpenguin in youtube videos ONLY because Disney now owns it, and that everyone took the wrong impression that Toontown was closed EXACTLY for clubpenguin. That’s false.

Now, Clubpenguin isn’t exactly “a deserted island”. Many people are claiming that it barely has any popularity. As of December of 2011, 150,000,000 penguins have been registered on Clubpenguin. Of course that number has increased since that was 2 years ago. Disney raised the popularity. Clubpenguin videos on youtube back in 2005-2007 got around 2,000 or so views max. Now days, popular penguins get around 2,000,000. I will most likely, since I enjoy every game, start uploading Clubpenguin videos here and there. Trust me, they won’t be pointless. This is because thats how my video making career started. Clubpenguin.

Back in 2008, a penguin named “Wwe Adam” was in his prime. Most famous penguin to ever play. He made so many amazing views, it influenced me to the max to start making “CP videos”. By the end of 2012, I privated 290 of my videos dating back to October 25, 2008. This is on a previous youtube channel, Of course. 2 Days ago I noticed that Wwe adam has returned. His website is back up, You can visit it here, and I saw him at the Town of the server “Sleet”, While I was checking out the recent updates of Clubpenguin. I sent him a postcard saying “Thank you”, I knew what it meant but he probably didn’t, It was basically a thank you for starting my career. He then added me, We couldn’t talk cause of course with his previous fame he had a “Mini crowd” that discovered him and they seemed to have been keeping him occupied. It’ll be a great memory that i’ll have. So now you know that I’m not against Clubpenguin, I joined August 5, 2007 before Disney. So yeah, It’s part of my childhood. My Penguin(s) will be revealed eventually in my hopefully upcoming videos.(UPDATE) I summed up some of this article into a CPM video I made. It’s the first one I’ve made in 2 years.

I’ll be attending the 8th year anniversary most likely, Sadly my main penguin hasn’t picked up one anniversary hat since I made it!

Now, As a straight forward game review, I did some commentary gameplay of Clubpenguin. No more blogging this time. The video is 22 Minutes long, I may add some annotations to this in the future, I don’t feel like a covered all of it.


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