Mech Mice: It’s here!

Today marks a special day for Rocketsnail and HyperHippo. Mech Mice is out of its beta stage… you know what that means!

Mech mice is officially finished today and is ready to give out the full experience. This game is gonna be a big hit, And i’m sure of it, with the legendary creators.

Here’s something to note. As a progress report I guess you can say, The people at Mech Mice gathered up the stats during the Beta testing.  Check out that shot number!

  • Levels Played: 52,710
  • Time Played: 15,647 hrs
  • Shots Taken: 1,322,406
  • Enemies Defeated: 800,620
  • Hexes Traveled: 8,679,602
  • Enemy Shots Taken: 513,969
  • Units Defeated: 27,517

Today the beta units have been given to their rightful owners and are ready to give an awesome experience. What are you waiting for? Join now, because soon to come is Multiplayer, Chapter 3, iPad release, and Season 2. I’m ready for the multiplayer, that’ll be something to put on my To Do list for sure.

Click here play!


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