Advertisement at its best

I’m quite impressed with the advertisement of games now days. I’ve always wanted atleast one gaming company to make an advertisement that actually relates to their fanbase/The Internet [Such as memes]. Now days, every company is referencing the internet/ their fanbase and it’s genius. It mostly started with beverage [Coca Cola, Mtn Dew, ect.] companies […]

Toontown: Archive…. And TTRW

As another on-going episode series to my youtube, first one being most likely “It’s a waddleful life”, I’ll be uploading “Toontown: Archive”. I don’t know if this will spread to other games. Basically its memories of Toontown that I have on my computer. 50, 50 chance I’ll add Clubpenguin/Mech Mice into the group. Here’s the […]

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Yes, I know its a couple days early. With the only virtual world with my interest at the moment, [TTRW isn’t out yet, but of course it’ll be my main interest when it does come out], I’m attending Clubpenguin’s Halloween party (October 17- 31).I decided to pull a Rsnail, after my disappearance from […]

Clubpenguin: Conflict

There is a question that has been being asked and thought of by many people. From lovers of the Previous pirate virtual world, to the previous “Toontown”. “When will this game close”. Now here is a history lesson. Penguin chat 1 was ┬ámade in 2001. It eventually evolved all the way to penguin chat 3, […]

Mech Mice: It’s here!

Today marks a special day for Rocketsnail and HyperHippo. Mech Mice is out of its beta stage… you know what that means! Mech mice is officially finished today and is ready to give out the full experience. This game is gonna be a big hit, And i’m sure of it, with the legendary creators. Here’s […]