Mech Mice: Beta

Yesterday I realized my absence from Mech mice and was completely oblivious that the beta was still in place. So I went on, Registered a couple of accounts and played. The game is great overall. For others it has its downfalls here and there, but they’ll eventually fix that and add more content when it is released october 8th. Here is my gameplay footage.

I started recording literally after I discovered the Beta, which was released…. 2 months ago. So I apologize for my confusion during the beginning of the gameplay.

Speaking of Mech Mice

Shoutout to Rsnail for dusting off that red viking helmet and finally logging on to his former creation, Clubpenguin. As a fanboy of his website and games, I was very pleased to see that. Here’s what he put. This’ll put a smile on your face!

I am super excited about the new Club Penguin Starwars party. This is one party I will need to dust off my old red viking helmet and login. Keep waddling.

You can visit the blog posts here. Also, Check out his other posts and projects. The website is now his personal website, since he has teamed up with HyperHippo to pursue Mech mice.


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