All good things come to an end

On September 19, The long loved virtual world Toontown will be shut down. Robert Iger thinks it’ll be best to close Toontown, Along with Pixie Hollows and Pirates online to persue Clubpenguin, Some more. Many people are extremely upset of this decision. Mostly because the communities of Clubpenguin and Toontown Have rised against each other in a “Which Virtual World is better” Battle. But disney is always on the newer, Fresh side. Which is Clubpenguin, Which is at the moment 8 years old. As a Clubpenguin and Toontown Veteran and Beta tester, of course i’ll be hurt. But, All good things come to an end. Toontown did its job. A whole decade of it. To give kids an amazing experience in an unusual mix up between the categories of Virtual world and strategy. Toontown was very unique. The toontown community has been weakening, Which gave Disney the green light to shut it down. Hackers have infested the servers of toontown. Trust me, The youtube and Tumblr community of Toontown is great, It’s just the hackers. The decision that allowed the majority of the hackers into Toontown was when Disney decided to take away the “3 day Member trial” away, and let people join for free. But there is still Hope.

This is a photo of the Toontown Petition. At this moment, The petition has 14,000 signs. It was created by Miho Nosaka,and it sky-rocketed in siginings on the day that Toontown announced the closing date. If you are willing to sign this, or just want to check it out, Click here. The toontown community is hoping Robert Iger will look at the petition, and give the Toontown Community at least another year or so. This petition is one of our best chances of keeping Toontown. There are many of petitions focusing on Toontown, but this one is sticking out like a sore thumb with the most signings. People won’t stop talking about it on Toontown! The advertising of ordinary toons in popular servers boosted up this petition’s signing rate.

The owner of Schell games, Jesse Schelle, has been promoting this Toontown Petition, as a former Toontown staff member. Jesse Schell is also a keyword in this situation. The whole Toontown Community has been targeting Jesse Schell, Convincing him to Buy toontown, Or at least keep it up, And since It’s no longer Disney’s properties, Take out all of the Disney related objects and characters. He hasn’t made a final decision, I mean, It’s a big jump. It’ll take a lot of work and deciding. He’s also basically stated;

I don’t know if it’s worth buying toontown, I have no idea of what Toontown’s Future holds.

This is all of the Information that I’ve gathered for now. If I gather more information, I won’t put a new post, I’ll simply edit this one. So come back to this here and there to check out the updates. For now on, Play till you can’t play anymore! We’ve got 6 days till this amazing game shuts down, Make the best of them. I’ve heard that Toontown has shut off their registration forms, so no new toons are able to join. But if you never played it and want to know what it’s about, Here’s a brilliant Documentary created by “Comrade United“, called “Work Vs. Play“.

I do not own this video nor the Document, All credit goes to Comrade United

(Below are the links to the actual documentary)

Click here to see the Toontown Central Forum’s Version

Click here to see Toontown Hall Forum’s Version

Click here to see Toontown Valley Forum’s Version

All of them are basically the same, Just posted on different Toontown fansites/forums.


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