My top 5 Halo Easter Eggs

Bungie, besides being known for creating a brilliant game series, has an addicting habit for adding easter eggs to their games. They are quite good ones I might add. But I only have room for 5, so I had a tough choice. (This post is an opinion, Don’t get offended over my choice of easter eggs)

5. Frankie’s Face

Frank O’Conner, a loved weekly writer and community manager has made an appearance multiple times in the Halo series. His face is plastered on the backgrounds of maps, Such as the Halo Ring and the moon.

(This one appeared in Halo 2, on the map “Containment”)


4. The Hologram T-Bag

Halo matchmaking, or “online”, holds a good handful of jerks. Since Halo 1, Killing someone and T-bagging them is basically a slap in the face, a lot of people find it offensive. Bungie is quite aware of this, so what do they do? They add it to an armor ability! When you use Hologram, If it passes a dead body’s head, the hologram will start Teabagging the body until the hologram evaporates.

Here is a video explaining the easter egg, This video is captured by the loved “Roosterteeth


3. Destiny Awaits

This is probably my favorite subliminal easter egg. Bungie for the past 3 or so years have been giving hints about their upcoming game “Destiny”. It amazes me how they make these Destiny easter eggs so obvious, Yet their purpose not really that obvious.

(This easter egg takes place in Halo 3: ODST.)

The other ones appear in Halo 3 and Halo: CE Anniversary, On the Pillar of Autumn, (First level).

2. Tribute Room

This easter egg is fantastic. As Bungie’s last game, they knew that had to do that one special easter egg. They nailed it with this. To do this, You need to play on the level “Package”, and defeat ALL of the enemies in the vast open snowy area, on legendary. After doing so, You go out of the map and in under 12 seconds, flip a switch. Doing this activates a good spawning of 7 or 8 gold Zealot elites, or “Generals” with energy swords. After defeating them, Go into the room in which they spawned from. You will then be teleported into a giant hallway, which leads to a room like so

It’s a quite beautiful easter egg. It shows Bungie’s, and our’s as fans, history with Halo. The room displays How Halo has improved, Community pictures and articles such as the Warthog Jump, even Red vs. Blue! (I should of expected that). With further more search, one of the computers displays the faces of all the noble team, even Emile, who is a little blurred out on purpose, very smart, Bungie!

I’ll let a video explain from now on, From once again, the loved “Roosterteeth“.



I’m sorry, but I had to do it. This, I guess I’ll label “Easter egg” became very famous in 2007 – 2008, due to no one knowing the full reason for it’s being. This is the Da Vinci code. Here is a picture of it, For those who aren’t familiar.

(This is the egg in its rightful place, behind a guardian tower)

(The egg on the map “Heretic”, but in Cube form.)

DaVinci Cube

This “egg” appears in the maps: Sandtrap, Heretic, and Sandbox. This egg is basically the generator for the guardians, or “Guard towers”, those giant pillars outside of sandbox and sandtrap. This egg’s responsibility is to make sure you don’t get out of the map without a fight. In Sandbox, as made sure by modders, when you step out of the map, The yellow beams that shoot at you come from those eggs, (Each tower has an indivisual egg). Many of you ask, why that texture? Well, Bungie puts that pattern on items that don’t have an actual texture yet. They went ahead and left it on the egg. Here is the actual texture, after some good research.


1. The Scarab Gun

Most of you were probably expecting this one. This egg is one of the few usable/benefiting in the Halo series. Although this gun is the most dominant to be in the halo games, receiving it calls for patience and effort. There are a total of 3 scarab guns in halo 2. They are all outside of the maps, but its worth the glitching. Its appearance is simple. A plasma rifle, held up by a red traffic cone. Suspicious looking? Nah.

(The scarab gun in use)

For a tutorial on how to get these legendary weapons, heres an old-ish video by “Flyinchinchy”.


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