Mech Mice Q’s

What is Mech Mice?

To clarify, the Mechmice team on their Youtube made a video to illustrate the accurate storyline of Mechmice.

They also posted a “Behind The Scenes” video, which pretty much tells you some more of what to expect from the game, scenery-wise. The graphics of the games are great. The floors and walls are shaped by yay-big hexagons. That’s a very unique touch to the game.

I summed up a Q & A session from the youtube comment responses.

Q: When you said PC? Do you mean Windows and Mac ( please say yes )

A: Both!

Q: Will there be easter eggs?

A: Maybe… 😉

Q:So excited to see this!!! Can you say what/how much is being done by oktobor? I love the settlers of catan style play area, is this for pc-tablet optimisation?. Will be interesting to see how strategic it is being for 10+. I want see some concept art in the next video ^.^ Love the piece on the website =D

A: The game will start out for PC, later to be released for the iPad. 🙂

Q: That software used to creating the Game?

A: Mech Mice is being created in Unity. You will need to download the Unity Web Player to play the game!

Q: Will open beta come before 2013 August? Or even a test (Maybe playing a basic level) Will it cost anything?

A: We’re planning to have the beta test ready for July. Beta will be free for anyone to play! 🙂

If you want more updated information on Mech Mice, go to one of the following:

Their Youtube Account

The game’s personal website

These sites will give all the information you need. I don’t think I’ll be posting anymore about Mechmice. If I do, I’ll update only this post with leaked news.

Updated News:

None so far.


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